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2022 Interior Decor Colour Trends

Jan 18, 2022 | Trends

In the last couple of years, many chose to decorate their homes to reflect a rising need for a safe space amid a changing world. Home decor and design trends were focused on comforting and warm neutrals, that made one feel deeply grounded and secure.

Earthy colours seemed to be very everyone’s go-to, and many homeowners seemed to enjoy more nature-inspired hues and looks. While a sense of comfort still seems key for many, the decor themes for the new year seem to be centred around growth and rebirth, with neutrals blended with much deeper and bolder colours.

2022 Pantone Colour Trends

Pantone Colour Of The Year

Pantone’s colour of the year is a far cry from the neutral greys and browns of 2021. ‘Very Peri’ is a bold, violet hue that displays confidence and daring that seems to mark 2022 as a year to be inventive, curious, and playful. To arrive at a selection each year, Pantone’s colour specialists comb the world looking for new inspirations. This year, they landed on a unique and vibrant colour to mark a period of transition, away from isolation and toward community, as well as a nod to the rising digitalisation that has been a focal point of remote work, school, and play.

‘Very Peri’ encompasses a variety of deep blues, while also possessing red undertones that seem to encourage creativity, imagination, and dynamism. Whether this colour lands on a new feature wall in your living room, or on the back wall of your study, it may very well inspire your home decor in the new year.

The decor themes for the new year seem to be centered around growth and rebirth, with neutrals blended with much deeper and bolder colours.

Dark green kitchen trend 2022

Moody Greens And Blues

While a fun violet hue could very well steal the show in 2022, there are no denying colour trends that have dominated in the last couple of years. Greens and blues are still going to be highly relevant this year, and will likely still be used in shared spaces like foyers or dining rooms.

These deep hues somehow tread the line between feeling closer to nature, while also energising any space it’s used in, making it a consistent crowd favourite. Sitting between brighter yellows and deeper purples, they’re still in the running as favoured colours this year.

bold and bright 2022 colour trends

Bold And Bright

Hues that are bold and bright can be a lot of fun to play with and simply haven’t been in the mix as much in the last couple of years. Home decor trends say that they’re making a slow comeback, and will likely be gently reinstated in the home.

Homeowners will likely warm up to these colours with pops of bright oranges, yellows, reds, and light blues layered against the neutrals that we have gotten used to in the last couple of years.

neutral and natural 2022 colour trends

Neutral And Natural

While neutral and natural isn’t the go-to anymore, it will not be disappearing anytime soon. These colour choices will still likely be the default as most people continue to spend a lot of time at home.

However, there are ways to play with neutral tones by adding a dose of natural warmth to them with ‘terracotta’ hues. By mixing in reds and browns to create nuanced tones with richer pigments, homeowners could easily update their original neutral designs without making too drastic a change.

2022 Interior Décor Watercolour Colour Trends

Textured And Playful

It’s not just about the choice of colours when it comes to this year’s design trends. Techniques like ‘colour washing’ are becoming a new crowd favourite.

The style is a faux-finishing technique that gives wall paint a soft, textured, watercolour-type finish, with an air of old-world romance. It ties in with broader trends that are about appreciating older, and often more creative techniques, in home decor.

2022 is bound to be an exercise in creativity, as homeowners and designers alike look to new colours, combinations, and techniques, to mark the beginning of something new.


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