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4 Ways To Bring Summer Colours Into Your Home

Jul 1, 2022 | Inspiration

While British summers are known to be wildly changeable, your interior décor can always reflect the summer colours all year round. Even when the rain is pouring down, just a few lovely touches could make you feel like there’s sweet sunshine in your home all summer long. So whether the weather is fine (or not), here are some of our best home décor ideas for keeping that summer feeling going, without ever having to step outdoors!

Alusplash Summer Home Botanical Kitchen

Summer Colours Featuring Botanical Beauty

That feeling of being outdoors and surrounded by greenery has always been a key part of reflecting summer colours, and so it follows that bringing nature right into your home is one of the best ways of creating that summer vibe. Pick beautiful, large green plants with wide-open leaves that are reminiscent of a rainforest, and situate them near your entryway, or in the living room, especially if you have big windows in these areas. They’ll soak up whatever sunlight comes through, and brighten up even the most dreary of days.

The natural humidity of the kitchen is a great spot to place little flowering succulents, for homeowners looking for something a lot more low maintenance. These little plants have great summer energy and look beautiful when decorated along your windowsill. They’re also a low-cost way of changing up your kitchen décor with a few natural touches!

Bringing nature right into your home is one of the best ways of creating that summer vibe.

Alusplash Summer Kitchen with Print and Posie Design

Prints & Posies

Flower and plant prints are a natural go-to for summer décor and are a gorgeous addition when layered against a more neutral colour palette. Swap out a couple of your couch cushions for a bold flower print, and switch up to brighter colours for your rugs and carpets.

Prints don’t have to be restricted to the living room however, spring for some fun fruit or plant-inspired kitchen wallpaper, or bring out summer-inspired dish cloths and towels. Even having summer-themed plates and cutlery would be a fun way of keeping up with the seasonal trend.

Decorating with cut flowers is also a gorgeous way of adding a pop of colour to your interior décor. Simply place them in decorative vases, and pick the freshest, summer coloured flowers you can find at your local market, for that lovely summer feel.

Alusplash summer kitchen with wicker lighting

Summer Colours With Wicker Lighting

There is certainly something to be said for the use of wicker, it quite immediately makes you feel like you might be on a beach vacation in Bali. Wicker furniture often makes quite an impact when used in any home. While it definitely offers a summery beach vibe, it isn’t always the easiest to blend with existing home décor choices.

A great alternative to wicker furniture, however, is the use of wicker as a storage solution in your kitchen or bathroom. They come in a great many sizes and do a great job of concealing the knick-knacks that often clutter up a space as heavily utilised as the kitchen or bathroom, while still being stylish and unique.

AluSplash Summer Scents in the kitchen with Grapefruit

Summer Scents In The Kitchen

When it comes to summer scents, tangy citrus notes, or warm notes of vanilla and brown sugar, are bound to bring about memories of lemon popsicles, freshly squeezed orange juice, or yummy sugar cookies, fresh from the oven! Scent has a well-documented effect on memory, so think of your favourite summer memories, and try to recreate those lovely scents in your home!

Candles are a natural go-to to create these scents and can be placed anywhere in the house. Other options include laying out fresh fruit in a decorative bowl on your kitchen counter or dining table for a splash of summer colour, or the use of dried flowers and potpourri.


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