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5 Mistakes To Avoid This Christmas

Dec 21, 2021 | Inspiration

One of the best parts of the Christmas and the holiday season is undoubtedly the way your senses are constantly inundated with festive cheer – from the warm drinks, the Christmas songs playing in the background, to the lovely Christmas decorations that adorn every house and store. When it comes to decorating your own home, however – the experience can be just a bit overwhelming and stressful, especially if you’ve just moved into a new home or simply looking to update your old holiday style. We’ve compiled some common festive decorating pitfalls to avoid, to help you out this season.

5 decorating mistakes to avoid this holiday season including colour palette

Christmas decorating *really* starts in February

Okay, February might be a bit too early. But truly – one of the best things you can do for yourself before you break out the tinsel is to plan ahead with your holiday décor. Try to have a clear vision of what you would want your home to look like. And if you’re looking for inspiration, the likes of Pinterest, Instagram, and interior décor blogs are always full of ideas.

Compile a few pictures, and maybe even a colour or pattern palette so that you at least know what you’re looking for when you begin shopping for decorative items. Deciding on a focal point early on is probably a great idea too. A natural focal point for most Christmas décor is the tree. In the excitement of tree-shopping, most people forget that picking out a tree is a lot like picking out furniture, always do your measuring in advance! A tree that is too big or too small can make your decorations look cluttered or haphazard.

5 decorating mistakes to avoid this holiday season decide a themes

To Theme Or Not To Theme

This isn’t even really a question – the answer is, one should always theme. Tying in with the need to plan ahead, having a theme can really make a difference in how your Christmas décor comes together. Choose a consistent theme that runs throughout your home. With all the gorgeous decorations available during this period, it might be tempting to simply decorate each room differently, or even mix and match in a single space. But a strategy like that can make your home just look messy and disorganized, instead of festive.

Red and Green are the traditional colours of the season, but they truly don’t have to be – snow, silver bells, rose gold, or even monochrome, can be beautiful themes that would make your Christmas décor the talk of the neighbourhood – in the best way possible.

5 decorating mistakes to avoid - Personalised Baubles

The Personal Touch

While most of us buy our Christmas decorations from the store, it certainly doesn’t mean that your decorations can’t be personalised in some way. Store-bought can always be made your own through some deliberate choices. The first would be to try and avoid buying pre-decorated trees. If you have the time (and granted, not all of us do), making the effort to decorate your tree will guarantee that it truly becomes your own.

You can also look for personalised ornaments or baubles, even stockings with your family members’ names sewn on. If you’re the sort with some creative flair, you might even be able to take the decorations apart and put them back together in new, and exciting ways!

Sales on Christmas decorations right after the festive period, or ornaments picked up during family trips can be great moments to reflect on lovely memories from the past year.

Don’t forget to add a touch of festive décor to the entire house, even the places no guest will step into.

5 decorating mistakes to avoid this Christmas - Christmas Table

Let Nature Be Part Of The Festivities

In the midst of Christmas shopping, we sometimes forget that some of the best materials for holiday decoration often come from nature. Take a walk in your backyard or garden, and see if there are evergreen branches, ferns, or anything really, that could be brought in to add a touch of extra cheer to your home.

Throw some pinecones in a wooden bowl, use some florist wire to give some structure to your evergreens, and you have homemade décor that is simple, beautiful, and completely unique.

5 decorating mistakes to avoid this holiday season - christmas cookies

Don’t Forget The Christmas Feeling

The Christmas and holiday season really is so much more than what you can see, it’s what you feel. Often, homeowners will decorate only the main areas of their house, the foyer or living room for example. Don’t forget to add a touch of festive décor to the entire house, even the places no guest will step into.

Put some Christmas plants in the bathrooms, hang up Christmas wreaths on all the bedroom doors, or hang mistletoe and holly in the laundry room. And of course, indulge your other senses as well – bake cookies, light scented candles, and play all the Christmas tunes you want.

Ultimately, holiday décor is all about bringing that festive spirit into your home, so as long as you’re having fun, do what makes you happy!


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