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5 Features of AluSplash Kitchen Splashbacks

May 18, 2022 | Inspiration

AluSplash set a goal to create a new type of wall panel that would have distinct advantages over what was being offered in the market. This brand new type of wall panel would have to be versatile, stylish, functional, as well as oh-so-easy to maintain.

The fact that AluSplash is also friendly to a homeowner’s wallet was a significant bonus! With now close to seven years on the market, let’s look at some of the extraordinary qualities that helped AluSplash win over countless homeowners and interior designers.

Space Silver AluSplash kitchen image

Clean and Hygenic

Of major importance to most homeowners are questions about cleanliness and maintenance. Sure, this looks beautiful – but how do I keep it looking that way? AluSplash boasts a grout-free and non-porous surface that allows for easy removal of dirt and grime with a micro-fibre cloth. The panels are also non-toxic and have a lead-free paint surface, that also happens to be UV-resistant, so even your warm, sunny little kitchen with its bay windows will do little to affect the material over time.


AluSplash has a proprietary paint coating which contributes to its heat-resistant properties, while also creating an anti-bacterial component. In a place that serves the entire family and is subject to the coming together of raw and cooked foods, it is most definitely an added bonus for your kitchen.

AluSplash splashbacks don’t require expensive installations and are relatively easy to put in place. Not only are they incredibly light-weight, they can also be installed over new or existing wall finishes.

ice white alusplash splashback kitchen

Heat and Impact Resistant

One of the most important qualities of a kitchen splashback is undoubtedly, its resistance to heat and impact. Even so, some homeowners still don’t always take durability into account the way they should. Some materials for splashbacks, such as glass, can be a beautiful and eye-catching choice. But even treated glass can be subject to morphing and damage from heat over time.

AluSplash aluminium splashback panels aren’t just heat and impact-resistant, but also happen to be water and steam resistant. Fire-rated and completely safe for use behind gas cooktops and any other popular cooktops, these panels are a safe and practical choice for any home.

alusplash installation image

Versatile Design and Easy To Install

In the excitement of picking out materials for a renovation or a new home, it is sometimes far too easy to forget about this key part of the design – the installation!

AluSplash splashbacks don’t require expensive installations and are relatively easy to put in place. Not only are they incredibly lightweight, they can also be installed over new or existing wall finishes. They can be V-grooved and folded around the corners without joints, with a full range of edge and corner profiles available for a clean finish.

Where necessary, the material can be easily cut for electrical sockets or other design choices. And best of all – AluSplash aluminium splashbacks are estimated to be three times easier to install than regular tile splashbacks.

Petrol blue AluSplash feature image

Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Last but not least, we all want to feel good about the choices we make.

AluSplash is far more cost-effective than acrylic, tile, or glass splashbacks, making them an easy choice for your wallet. And beyond that, they require less energy than glass splashbacks, have no greenhouse gas emissions during production, and are also 100% post-consumer recyclable, making them an easy choice for the planet too!

Photo Credit: Alusplash.com


  1. Louise Downer

    Hi do you provide the splashbacks in Matt white please.
    If so price please.
    Thank you.

  2. AluSplash

    Dear Louise, may I know in which country you are based?
    If you are based in the UK our Iceberg white matte splashback panel is available in different retailer shops such as Hafele, Wickes, Benchmarx, MKM or Selco.
    The retail price might fluctuate according to the size you are looking for and the retailer will purchase from.

  3. Louise Downer

    Hi, sorry for delay in getting back to you. Great to hear you manufacture the splashbacks in White Iceberg Matt, this sounds what I am looking for.
    Would it please be possible for you to send me a sample(s) of this product. If you have other whites in matt then would it please be possible to see these also. Brilliant white matt is ultimately what I require.

    My address is:

    2 Solent View Road
    Isle of Wight
    PO31 8JY

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    With best wishes
    Louise Downer (Mrs).

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