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5 Trendy and Easy Home DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Space

May 3, 2023 | How To

Every home could use a few nifty style upgrades every once in a while! Even if you’re new to the DIY game, there are plenty of ways to ease into small home projects that will give you an immense sense of accomplishment, and spruce up your home in small but surprising ways. If you’ve got some spare time on your hands and a creative soul, these are some of our favourite home DIY Projects to do around the house!

Home DIY projects wallpapering on the kitchen island

Wallpaper everything (but the wall)

Wallpaper is one of the easiest materials for home DIY projects, not only because of the countless options they come in but also because of their incredible versatility. Wallpaper can be used on any even surface you’d like to give an updated look to. The kids’ bunk beds would look adorable with animal or ocean-themed wallpaper. And what about a gorgeous jungle flower or mosaic-printed wallpaper for the kitchen island? Then, of course, there are the cabinets likely found in every room of the house that could use an updated look. Both the outside and inside of cabinets can be wallpapered, depending entirely on how subtle you’d like your changes to be!

Even if you’re new to the Do It Yourself game, there are plenty of ways to ease into small home DIY projects. 

Home DIY projects flute film used on a black console table

Fluted Film makes everything classy

Fluted film is another great DIY project to make a subtle and classy change to your glass door cabinets. If, (like most homeowners) your cabinets have gotten a little cluttered over the years, you could always clean them out and organize them regularly. But who has the time for that, really?! Instead, fluted film comes to the rescue. This hazy and semi-opaque material shares hints of what may be in the cabinet while still maintaining your privacy for when guests come over. For extra brownie points, the material also helps to prevent chips and scratches for long-lasting use! As a home décor tip, try to fill your cabinets with bright or oddly-shaped objects, these look wonderfully unique when seen through the fluted film, and create balance in a display.

DIY projects Home office desk with geometric shapes paint with stencils on the wall

Paint with stencils

Painting your walls a new paint colour is a common and well-known way to spruce up your home, but what if you could create a brand new look with paint, without all the effort of painting entire walls or rooms? This idea requires a bit of creative flair, but can still be wonderfully simple. Use stencils to create simple shapes that draw the eye and create your very own feature wall. Paint a bold-coloured circle situated right above your favourite cabinet, or nautical stripes down the wall (easily achieved with tape). These simple plays with colour and shape completely transform a space, and with minimal effort!

Home DIY projects different shade of the orange shelves

Experiment with ombré

The use and experimentation with colour is always going to be a key aspect of home design, and one of the most interesting design trends in this realm has been the use of ombre paints. While this is commonly used on feature walls (often with expert painters), the home DIY projects version of this uses floating shelves to act as natural and playful separators between the colours. Pick colours that are close but still distinct to the naked eye when painting and be sure to paint them between the shelves in gradually darkening or lightening tones. A great tip is to remember that the number of coats you put on also has an effect on how light or dark a paint colour turns out!

home DIY projects cosy nook with white armchair with a lot of pillows and a diy book shelves

Create a cosy nook

Every house needs a cosy nook. These are essential for reading, napping or even relaxing weekend breakfasts at home! Creating a nook can be a lot easier than you think – and the first step is often the hardest one – figuring out where your nook is going to be! Nooks are cosy because of a certain element of privacy that come with them. A space that is found at the back of a shared space, at the juncture of two walls, or even in the balcony outside (if sheltered especially) can be great options! Once you have your space, work out the kind of furniture you’d want in it! If it’s meant to be a breakfast nook you’d want a small but sturdy table, but if it’s for reading and relaxing, comfortable blankets, throws or an armchair might work best. Cosy elements like small lights and softer materials work well here, and you can let your creativity abound when creating a nook that’s perfect for you and your family!

Small and creative DIY projects can create big changes in the feel of a space, and do wonders for your confidence when starting out on home projects. Give these five easy and trendy home DIY projects a try and let us know how they turned out at @alusplash!


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