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5 UK Interior Designers to look out for in 2022

Jan 31, 2022 | Inspiration

When a brilliant and creative interior designer takes the reins on designing your home, the experience can be both a huge relief, and stunning inspiration. While larger firms come with their own set of resources, it can sometimes be difficult to get that personal time and attention you need when designing a space to call home.

So we thought we would take a stab at curating a short list of some smaller interior design firms that are making serious waves despite their size. This list is a mix of more established firms that have managed to retain their personal touch, as well as some up-and-coming designers to have on your radar.

top 5 uk interior designers featuring ledbury studio

Ledbury Studio – Charlie Smallbone

Charlie Smallbone has been an established kitchen designer since the 1980s, and has been innovating kitchen spaces for more than 40 years now. His small and personal design company, Ledbury Studio, seeks to discover the space between function and form, and explores the differences between a kitchen to cook and work in, and a kitchen to live in.

The studio is fond of mixing materials in new and exciting ways, with combinations of wood, metal, and stone, especially in Ledbury’s new contemporary collection. With his skilled team and the use of modern technology, the studio creates gorgeous bespoke designs completely at their client’s behest.

it can sometimes be difficult to get that personal time and attention you need when designing a space to call home

top 5 uk interior designers featuring martin moore

Martin Moore – The Moore Family

Established in 1975, the Martin Moore Design Studio is still very much a family-run business. When Martin Moore (a design engineer) and his wife returned to England from their world travels, the housing market was still dominated by modern German and Italian styles.

Martin Moore was founded on an appreciation for traditionally built British designs suited to Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian homes. 45 years later, the business has been continued by their sons, with a workforce that has been with them for decades. They continue to be inspired by their heritage of classic English furniture, balanced with modern production methods. Their style is deeply consultative and offers close guidance on the design process, with a lifetime guarantee on their works

top 5 uk interior designers featuring pluck

Pluck – George Glasier and Lloyd & Leila Touwen

Pluck was founded in 2007 by George Glasier and husband and wife duo, Llyod & Leila Touwen. The kitchen designs from this studio have a fun, modern aesthetic that has mass appeal.

Clean lines, bright colours, and material choices run the gamut from bright and bold, to neutral or monochrome, entirely depending on personal choice. Their designs are also inherently sustainable, and they strive to work with companies with comprehensive environmental policies in place, making your home that perfect balance of stylish and ethical.

top 5 uk interior designers featuring howark

Howark Design – James Arkoulis and Saskia Howard

James and Saskia who launched Howark Design in 2017, met while they were both designers at Studio Reed. They emphasise an approach to design that is both practical and charming, with special attention paid to creating timeless interiors for their clients.

James and Saskia describe their relationships with their clients as being central to everything that they do. The focus of this small, but the impactful studio, is on a beautifully detailed design that pays homage to the architectural roots of their clients’ projects.

top 5 uk interior designers featuring dauley

Dauley Designs – Alexandria Dauley

Alexandria Dauley launched her own studio in 2016, with a sharp contemporary approach to her designs. Her studio offers comprehensive design and builds solutions specifically tailored to her client’s needs. The studio is largely journey-oriented, and works closely with their clients from conception to completion, to create designs that are reflective of their tastes and lifestyles.

Alexandria’s specialty is in creating elegant, supremely comfortable, and usable interiors that use both a mix of new and old to create something to withstand the test of time.

These designers are just some of the few extraordinary talents the UK Interior Designer scene have to offer, but no matter your taste or preference, these brilliant designers are bound to inspire.


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