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Five Ways To Create An Instagrammable Kitchen

Apr 15, 2021 | Inspiration

If it isn’t on the ‘gram, it didn’t happen. The kitchen is a place where your favourite meals are whipped up, and where all your cooking ideas are brought to life – for better or for worse! So a space that is bound to be featured heavily in both your real and Insta life deserves to be elevated to picture perfect status. These are our favourite ideas for a visually stunning Insta-ready kitchen!

Bold Colour

Using bold hues in your kitchen is a great way to create contrast for those perfect Instagram pictures. One of the most sought-after and enduring trends for kitchens are deep greens and blues that complement white or lighter-coloured countertops. If you like more vibrant colours, then by all means, go bolder with cabinetry in shades of yellow, orange or even purple!

If your personal style is a bit more eccentric, then brightly patterned tiles for your kitchen walls can really make a statement. Moroccan tiles for example, are a fun way to express your personality, which can be paired beautifully with more subdued cabinetry in white, beige, grey or black. Alternatively, Alusplash splashback panels also come in a variety of colours and collections that add that dash of vibrancy, and easily complement any kitchen space.

Creative Material Choices

Choosing unique materials and textures when decorating your interior with accessories is a great way to give your kitchen a designer’s flair.

Copper, for example, is an extraordinarily warm metal that can enhance any kitchen. Hang copper pots, pans, and other cookware for a chef’s kitchen vibe, and watch how the material catches and distributes light in the prettiest ways! Other materials include wooden or marbled countertops which can change the atmosphere in your kitchen completely!

Scandinese – The latest hybrid interior trend 1

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a gutsy look to go for, and looks absolutely beautiful in pictures! It makes your kitchen look perfectly lived-in and allows you to be a lot more minimalist with your kitchen needs. Wooden shelves are a big hit, and can complement almost any range of cookware. Just remember that the look here is effortless sophistication – so avoid too many mismatched accessories in an open-shelving kitchen, or they’ll stand out like a sore thumb!


Flooring is often overlooked when it comes to kitchen renovations, but getting the flooring right can often change the entire look of your kitchen. If you’re in the midst of a full renovation, consider redoing your floors as well.

Lighter, textured floors can really help open up a smaller kitchen. Another trick is having flooring that merges seamlessly with the other spaces in your home, creating the illusion of your kitchen being bigger than it is. There are also luxury materials you can look into that could create a sense of opulence in any kitchen space.


The right lighting truly can transform a kitchen. One of the trendiest kitchen décor looks are pendant lights. These low-hanging, warm lights are statement pieces on its own, and make a kitchen feel instantly cosy and warm. Hang them above your kitchen island or breakfast bar to act as a centrepiece for the entire space, and a focal point for your pictures.  For those funkier home cooks, neon lights are an incredibly fun way of making your kitchen feel like a diner from the 80s! Pick bright pink or red neon signs to suit your vibe, and you even have the option of creating your very own unique sign!

The value of natural lighting in the kitchen can’t be overstated. Having big broad windows in the kitchen do wonders for changing the look of a space, and make for the most beautiful pictures, especially during golden hour!

If we have inspired you to try out some bold new looks for your kitchen, be sure to tag us in your kitchen transformations @alusplash!  We’d love to see your creative ideas come to life!


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