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5 Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen Design for Modern Convenience and Elegance

Sep 18, 2023 | Inspiration

Modern kitchen designs are more than just about clean and simple designs, they also happen to be defined by the unique marriage between convenient functionality and elegant design. The kitchen has become an essential focal point in the modern home. It is no longer just a back room where the food is prepared, instead becoming a large part of the presentation and social aspect of hosting friends and family at home. As such, homeowners are searching for designs that offer them all the functionality they need, while also adding a touch of elegant luxury to this space.

Multifunctional furniture grey sofa

Open-Plan Layout

The open-plan layout removes barriers and greatly improves flow of space within a home, making it a popular choice for homeowners. Especially in smaller homes, the open-plan layout allows for the merging of dining and food preparation spaces, encouraging movement and interaction. Beyond that, it also instantly brightens up a space by allowing more natural light through. When designing an open-plan layout however, there are some options to consider: for example, it would still be a good idea to plan for kitchen zones – for preparation, storage, cooking etc. This also allows for a cleaner and more organised ‘look’ for a kitchen that everyone would have visual access to.

If you happen to be renovating an existing space and can’t create an open-plan kitchen design, due to load-bearing walls or pillars for example, you could also consider creating a kitchen ‘pass through window’. It’s a great design choice, still brightens up the space and is a fun homage to ‘diner-style’ kitchens.

Kitchens have become an essential focal point in the modern home.

kitchen design advanced appliances

Advanced Kitchen Appliances

Nothing defines a modern kitchen design more than investing in all the smart appliances and kitchen hacks that 21st  century life has to offer. Smart appliances are now built with both kitchen convenience and the planet in mind, with many offering brilliant eco-functions that save on money and energy in the long-term.

Ovens with their own timers and multiple function settings, induction hubs with pre-sets, and even refrigerators with a ‘holiday mode’ that let you switch off whole compartments when you’re away for long periods of time, are all great choices for the modern kitchen. Another great tip would be to look into reusable food containers as well as beeswax and other alternative wrappers that keep your food fresher for longer, and lessen your environmental impact!

kitchen design splashback and decorative surfaces

Surfaces & Splashbacks

Investing in quality materials for your modern kitchen really is essential. Quartz, other solid stone or certain polished woods are often great choices for your countertops. These last for a long time, and add a beautiful touch of elegance to your space.

Splashbacks are also a great way to keep your kitchen looking clean as time passes. Designed to be installed on the walls above or behind your sink, benchtop, or stove, it can protect against stains, grease, oil or other possible messes in your kitchen. Just because it’s there for a practical reason however, doesn’t mean that it can’t be an elegant choice! They can be a perfect opportunity to create a unique feature in your kitchen, depending on choice of colour, placement and texture.

kitchen design multifunctional storage around the fridge

Multifunctional Storage

Making the most of your storage space is a necessary part of modern life. Especially if you live in a city, it would seem there’s never enough space for everything you own. But designers are getting more creative by the day, and there are plenty of functional cupboards, drawers and cabinets, that hide clutter incredibly well, while offering a streamlined look to your kitchen. Even your refrigerator and walk-in pantry can now be cleverly hidden to look like cabinets in your kitchen to the unsuspecting eye.

kitchen design understated but impactful details

Understated but Impactful kitchen design

Convenience and elegance are probably best achieved through minimalistic design choices. Less is certainly more when everything in the kitchen is there for a reason, and has a designated space, creating a feeling of spaciousness and flow. Colours and tones should ideally be more muted and natural. While this certainly doesn’t mean a kitchen devoid of colour, it does mean choosing hues that complement each other and their surroundings well.

And there you have it – our five suggestions for enhancing your kitchen to get the best of modern convenience, with a touch of elegant luxury!


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