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6 Easy Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Aug 27, 2020 | Inspiration | 0 comments

Clever use of colour is a powerful design tool, yet in a kitchen where function and practicality is paramount, adding colour can sometimes feel like a bold and daunting move. We’ve written this guide to showcase six simple ways of adding colour accents to your kitchen, while maintaining a clean aesthetic overall.

Revive Your Kitchen Units

Deep colours such as navy blue or forest green are the new neutrals when it comes to kitchens, so revive your kitchen cupboard doors and drawers with a coat of paint in a rich, sophisticated hue. These dramatic colours contrast well with pale floors and worktops, and adding some brass handles to your units will help to further brighten the space. If you’re feeling bold, try painting one row of units in a bright colour such as ochre, while keeping the rest of your kitchen in a grey and white palette.

Paint A Feature Wall

Bright feature walls aren’t only for living rooms and bedrooms. As well as adding some fun to your home, they can add depth to small kitchens and help define its separate areas. The shape and configuration of your kitchen will dictate which wall should be your feature wall. If you have a galley kitchen, choose the end wall to add depth. If you have a kitchen diner, section off the dining area by painting the adjacent wall. And if you have an open plan kitchen, make the main wall the feature wall to help separate it from the rest of the room.

Paint Your  Furniture

Swapping neutral wooden or metal kitchen chairs and barstools for colourful alternatives is an easy way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen without it being overpowering. Scandi designers have already been using plastic coloured chairs in kitchen designs for a while now, however if you’d prefer to keep your wooden chairs, why not paint them yourself in bold teal, burnt orange or teal. For added impact, try mixing and matching the colour of your chairs or stools.

Kitchen Fabrics

If adding colour on a large scale such as walls or doors feels too much, you can bring colour accents to your kitchen through blinds, rugs or cushions instead. A bright window treatment will add a focal point to the room, and bold seat cushions are a simple alternative to painting your kitchen chairs or barstools.

Accent Coloured Crockery & Accessories

If your kitchen crockery is displayed on a shelf or behind glass doors, then choosing bold colours is a great way to bring an otherwise neutral kitchen to life. Rich, earthy tones evoke the wholesomeness of food, so choose crockery in rich terracottas, sky blues, vibrant greens and bright yellows. 

Colourful Splashbacks

A statement splashback is a simple way to add some vibrant colour to your kitchen, and works particularly well in small kitchens where a feature wall may be too overpowering. A glossy, single sheet splashback is easy to install and will add some modern impact.

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