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6 Ways To Update Your Interior Decor Without Breaking The Bank

Oct 26, 2021 | How To

Whether you’ve just moved in, or looking to upgrade your home, you’ll find that interior décor luxuries can add to your budget pretty quickly. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to skip out on bringing some new energy into a tired space. Great home design ideas can absolutely happen without breaking the bank, all you need is a little redecorating genius and creativity!

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Decorative mirrors are an easy and inexpensive way to immediately spruce up any room. They reflect light and automatically create the impression that a room is much bigger than it actually is. The latest mirror designs can come in any shape or form, making them the perfect home décor accessory. They range from large ornate mirrors which look wonderfully regal when framed up, to small hexagonal mirrors that come in a pack, for you to place wherever you see fit. Depending on where you purchase them, online stores for example, they could cost you must less than you’d think!


A fresh coat is all it takes

Re-painting or wallpapering a room certainly doesn’t have to cost very much, and can actually be a really fun family activity! Get the entire family involved in the endeavour, plan ahead, watch videos, and get all the materials you need. And then comes the fun bit – picking the brand new colour or wallpaper. Redecorating your home should mean a noticeable change, so try and step away from the old colours or patterns, and pick something brand new, that people will notice right away!


Create a palette

When you’re redecorating the larger spaces in your home, the trick to intelligent design, is creating a design palette. Especially in rooms that open into each other, like many open-concept kitchens, or living and dining rooms, creating an effortless flow instantly changes up the entire look of your home. You can achieve this by having pieces in these rooms that have a similar look and feel – wood furnishings for example. You could easily find some fun set pieces at a garage sale or vintage stores. Or simply, use the same coat of paint or wallpaper in both rooms, and you’d save when buying in bulk!

The simplest way to redecorate honestly does not have to cost much. Moving your furniture around instantly makes it feel like a brand new space.


Light it up!

Lighting in a space can instantly change the atmosphere, and can be an easy way to keep under budget while making an impact. While changing the lights themselves can sometimes add to your budget, simply switching out a lampshade or a light cover can make a big difference in a room without costing much at all. Using fun pastel colours or natural materials like bamboo or rattan draws the eye, and changes how light plays in your space.


Old is gold

It might be tempting to throw out that old cabinet in favour of a shiny new one, but dated furniture can be made to look like brand new with little to no effort! Buffing, polishing, or a new coat of paint can spruce up any old piece of furniture. And if that seems like too much trouble, what about updating your handles and doorknobs? Choose brand new knobs made from shiny gold, or brass, or even switch to a more modern look with matte black finishes. A simple and small change that will give your furnishings a new lease on life!


Move your furniture around

The simplest and most effortless way to redecorate honestly does not have to cost much.
It is something most of us don’t think about, simply because we’ve gotten used to having our home configured in a certain way. Moving your furniture around instantly makes it feel like a brand new space and can impact how you see and use it. If you haven’t already, try pulling the furniture away from the walls to see how you can change the flow and movement of energy in the room.

And there you have it! Some of the best budget-friendly ways to redecorate and give your home a new lease on life, all without breaking the bank.


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