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7 Questions To Think About Before Starting A Renovation

Aug 11, 2021 | Inspiration

A home renovation may seem quite daunting at the start. Whether you’re looking for a change or your space is in dire need of repair, the journey of renovation can be long and arduous. Before you commit your time, money and energy to the project, take a step back and consider these 7 questions which may be able to help with how to begin the process.

Why do you require a renovation?

Before undertaking a renovation project, make sure to look beneath the tip of the iceberg and recognise the issues you’re trying to resolve. Be clear about why your home requires a renovation. This will make it easier to find solutions and help to plan the project better, by allocating resources like time, money and expertise appropriately. Make a list of the things you would like to change; colour, space, materials and then decide what you would like to change them to.

What is the tone you want for the space?  

Define the functional and emotional expectations from your home. While re-designing your space, ensure it enables you to live well. Tailor-make the space, colour palette and harmony to seamlessly complement your personality and lifestyle.

What are the challenges you may face?

Once you have visualised your new home, it is important to also be wary of any challenges along the way. These challenges could range from necessary approvals, structural limitations of the space and finding the right professionals to complete the job. Having a contingency plan for the anticipated challenges will minimise setbacks and make the process considerably smoother.

How to fit Alusplash: Installer working on an blue AluSplash panel with a drill to make cut our for sockets

How much can you afford to spend?

One of the most crucial aspects of a renovation is to set a realistic budget. The culmination of the space you have visualised ultimately hinges on a well-considered budget. Prioritise different components of the remodel and allocate funds to efficiently accommodate your expectations. Should the funds be unable to materialise your initial plan to the T, prioritising helps to identify parts of the project that can be done at a later date. Remember to keep a buffer in the budget to absorb any unforeseen expenses or damage during renovation.

When do you want to complete the project?

Renovations can be long, frustrating and tedious. A structured approach is the best way to achieve your goals without losing your cool. Devise a realistic timeline, create a schedule and stick to it. This will not only help track the progress but also ensure that the work is consistent and you don’t lose focus.

How to fit Alusplash: Installer working on an blue AluSplash panel with a drill to make cut our for sockets

Who should you partner with?

If you choose to engage with a professional to plan and execute the renovation, clearly communicate your expectations from the beginning. Engage with an expert whose ideologies and working style resonate with yours. For the best outcome, collaborate instead of commanding. Perfectly matching synergies is the solution to avoid conflict and get work done efficiently. 

What would make your house a home?

When renovating, avoid mindlessly chasing the latest trends and take a minute to think about what would make the space truly yours? What would bring you warmth and comfort? It is critical to strike a balance between design principles, trends and your personality. 

If you found clear answers to the above questions, you are already one step closer to kickstart your renovation with confidence and clear objectives!


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