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8 Essential Kitchen Items For The Everyday Cook

Sep 3, 2022 | Inspiration

The kitchen is many things to many people. For some, it is a place they love being in and would happily spend hours creating dish after delicious dish. For others, it’s all about functionality, and how quickly they can put together a satisfying meal for the family. Whether you’re a Michelin star chef, a regular home cook, or someone who uses the kitchen but doesn’t always love it – there are some kitchen gadgets and accessories that none of us can do without.

So here are our favourite picks for your everyday kitchen essentials. If you’re thinking about investing in some tools, this is the list to follow!

Kitchen Essentials include baking items

The Have-To-Haves


If you only have space and budget for one knife, that would undoubtedly be the Chef’s Knife. Most of us would use this knife about 90% of the time, so it’s well worth investing in a good brand. A slightly lesser kitchen essential would be if you have space in your budget, however; getting a serrated knife (for bread and sandwich making) and a paring knife (for smaller tasks like finely chopping garlic or shallots), are great choices as well.

Cutting Board

Kitchen Essential number two – a good cutting board. This should allow you to have a solid grip while chopping and is easier to clean. Plastic cutting boards have become fairly popular over the years, but other options include tempered glass or traditional wooden cutting boards, which as your parents and grandparents will tell you – can last a lifetime.

Prep Bowl Set

A good prep bowl set should come in as many varying sizes as possible and can be used to organize all your ingredients. One of our favourite kitchen essentials is the collapsible prep bowls as they save a ton of space in storage. Alternatively, if storage isn’t an issue, a pretty set of ceramic or glass prep bowls can even double as serving dishes!

Measuring Spoons

Even if you’re an ‘eyeball’ cook, who likes to throw in your ingredients on instinct, trying new recipes often calls for one to be a bit more precise in their measurements. Beyond that, a good set of measuring spoons can also take the hassle out of using and washing your regular spoons for scooping out your dry herbs and spices.

Whether you’re a Michelin star chef, a regular home cook, or someone who doesn’t love the kitchen –  there are some kitchen gadgets and accessories that none of us can do without.

Kitchen Essentials include Pots and Pans

The Great-To-Haves

Cast-Iron Skillet

Cast-Iron skillets may not seem like a kitchen essential for someone who already owns a pan and an oven dish – but a good cast-iron skillet heats food with a beautiful evenness, and retains that heat for a long time. The major bonus is its ability to go from stove to oven, for those perfect baked dishes. It also happens to have a lovely rustic look, that is perfectly at home on the dining table.

Immersion Blender

For anyone who’s ever struggled to transfer a chunky soup or sauce to a blender, the handheld immersion blender will be a gift like no other. A kitchen essential for cooks who are fond of quick soups and sauces, the immersion blender works beautifully to make soups, sauces, or even smoothies, at a push of a button. It’s of course much less work to clean up and saves a lot of time.

A Non-Stick Pan

A good non-stick pan allows your food to cook evenly, needs much less oil, and often means less clean-up as well – which anybody will tell you, is definitely a bonus. Beyond that, it is often incredibly versatile and can be used for making your morning eggs, searing meat, sauteing vegetables and even making sauces.

Kitchen Essentials include Beeswax Food Wrappers

A Kitchen Essential For Eco-friendly Food  Storage

Reusable Beeswax Food Wrappers

Beeswax food wrappers are the newest kids on the block when it comes to sustainable food storage, and are a great alternative to plastic cling wraps. Not only are they much better for the environment, they are also mouldable with a tacky texture that makes them easy to wrap around food or containers. They are also easily washable and reportedly have anti-bacterial properties, perfect for the kids’ lunches!

So there you have it! Our list of kitchen essentials, categorised by have-to-have’s and great-to-have’s for the best kitchen experience possible.


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