AluSplash | Aluminium high gloss and matt kitchen backsplash


AluSplash is an eco-friendly aluminium based interior wall panel which is fire resistant, grout free and easy to clean and maintain.

The coated surface of the panel has been specially formulated to prevent the build up of mould and bacterial growth, making it a safe and hygienic wall solution for your kitchen backsplashes and shower walls.

AluSplash has a hassle free installation process saving you time and money.

The ultimate wall solution for any home, commercial or retail interior space.

Explore the high gloss color palette for the Elegance collection or the matte textured color palette for the Elements collection.



Safe, Hygienic & Low Maintenance

  • Grout free and non-porous
  • Dirt and grime can be easily wiped and cleaned with a microfiber cloth
  • Non-toxic and Lead-free paint surface
  • Will not shatter or crack like glass
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • 100% post-consumer recyclable
  • Non-toxic and Lead-free
  • Requires less energy to produce than glass backsplashes
  • No emissions of greenhouse gases during production

Quick & Easy to Install

  • Does not require expensive professional installation
  • Fabricate with normal wood working tools
  • Can be installed 3 times faster than tiled kitchen backsplashes
  • Can be V-grooved & folded around the corners, without joints
  • Easy to make cut outs for electrical sockets
  • Full range of edge and corner profiles available for a clean finish

Steam & Water Resistant

  • Ideal panel for bathroom walls, shower surrounds and vanity backsplashes

Compatible with all cooktops (Fire Resistant)

  • Fire resistant and safe to use behind gas cooktops, unlike acrylic backsplashes
  • Suitable to be used behind all popular cooktops
  • Maintain a 30mm / 1.18” distance from the edge of the cooktops