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Alusplash Kitchen Splashbacks Redefine Your Home Decor

May 4, 2021 | Inspiration

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, ensuring that functionality and purpose compliments a sense of style and flair can be a difficult act to balance. Alusplash kitchen splashbacks are designed to be fire resistant, grout-free and astonishingly easy to clean, making them the perfect wall covering. But such a vital part of your home isn’t meant to be all about function and purpose, is it? These aluminium splashbacks are an essential part of your kitchen decor and can transform the look of this space completely!

Elegant and Refined

Nothing says elegant and refined quite like a neutral palette. Greys, whites and beiges do wonders in keeping a kitchen beautifully understated and appealing. This works especially well for smaller spaces, where natural light is encouraged to bounce back from white surfaces and make your kitchen look bigger than it actually is. The Alusplash kitchen splashback in Warm Grey works wonders when paired with off-white walls and cabinets. For a more relaxed look, this palette gives you the option of using mismatched accessories for a fun pop of colour.

If your personal style is a bit more eccentric, then brightly patterned tiles for your kitchen walls can really make a statement. Moroccan tiles for example, are a fun way to express your personality, which can be paired beautifully with more subdued cabinetry in white, beige, grey or black. Alternatively, Alusplash splashback panels also come in a variety of colours and collections that add that dash of vibrancy, and easily complement any kitchen space.

Ocean Blue

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the busiest rooms in the house. It’s the place where breakfast and lunch are prepped, and where the smell of baked cookies gathers the entire household to one place. So, it makes sense that some homeowners are keen to incorporate a sense of calm tranquillity in their kitchen décor. The beautiful Ocean Wave splashback is inspired by flowing rivers and calming blue oceans. The material reflects lights to give your space an open and airy feeling to it, and pairs beautifully with blue, green, or even bright yellow palettes for that feeling of sunshine on the beach.

Scandinese – The latest hybrid interior trend 1

Morning Green

For those who find peace in mountains and forests, a light green palette for your kitchen can do wonders in bringing nature right into your inner sanctum. The lovely Green Mist splashback brings to mind the soft mist that clings to Icelandic meadows in the mornings and reminds you that this is a brand-new day to start afresh. This colour palette pairs perfectly with the latest kitchen trend of bringing potted plants into your kitchen.  Mix and match with small, brightly coloured accessories that act like a splash of flowers against a calm, and yet energising green meadow.

Why not consider using mismatched accessories for a fun pop of colour in your kitchen?

Deep Blue

For those who prefer darker and more intense colour palettes for your kitchen, while intending to keep that sense of serenity, deeper and darker blues are a wonderful choice. Dark blue kitchen cabinets are a common kitchen trend, but for a shift in perspective, using dark blue panels against white cabinets and accessories can create an exquisite and calming contrast. The Alusplash kitchen splashback in Petrol Blue is also highly adaptable, and pairs well with wooden and off-white kitchen accessories for a farmhouse-style look.

High gloss Petrol Blue Alusplash splashback from the Elegance Collection with a British high tea set
Matt green Alusplash kitchen backsplash in a futuristic kitchen with blue cabinets

Nordic Green

For some, the kitchen is a space of solitude and purpose, where food is carefully measured and weighed, taste and texture taken into account, and where the act of cooking is both a cerebral, and deeply creative act. The deeply dark and mysterious Forest Green splashback is the perfect backdrop for the food genius experimenting in their kitchen. Inspired by the mossy, textured rock surfaces found in Nordic forests, this colour is dramatic and contrasting, and will make the kitchen a focal point for your household. Complement it with lighter cabinets and accessories, to allow the gorgeous colour to shine through.

Daring Red

For those who like to grab life by the horns, a bold, eye-catching colour palette for your kitchen is most definitely the way to go. This Juicy Red splashback from Alusplash makes your kitchen the centre of attention. Your friends and family will always want to gather by its warm, deep tones, making it the perfect place for entertaining your guests. Experiment with high-contrast black and white cabinetry and accessories to find the perfect balance between an unconventional and modern style for your home.

The wide range of Alusplash kitchen splashbacks give you the option of turning your functional kitchen space into one with style and flair, with just a few simple touches!

High gloss Juicy Red Alusplash splashback from the Elegance Collection with an interior elements and white shelf

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