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Autumn Interior Décor Trends for 2022

Aug 30, 2022 | Trends

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are turning, and there’s that lingering chill in the morning air as summer passes us by, and autumn lets us know she’s right around the corner. As the seasons shift, and we begin to turn inward towards warmth, comfort, and more time spent at home, we’re also looking at creating some lovely autumn-inspired changes in our interior décor.

In the spirit of seasonal change, here are some of our predictions for 2022’s autumn seasonal trends.

Dried Flowers Interior Trend for Autumn Trends

Autumn Interior Dried Florals

Dried florals are a great way to infuse your home with some soft seasonal colour, as well as create some unique scents for different parts of your home (think dried roses in a vase or potpourri in the kitchen). Dried floral arrangements are wonderfully sustainable and incredibly long-lasting. You can display your own personal creative flair by creating your own stylish arrangement.

Remember to choose flowers and plants that dry out without falling apart. Simple tricks like hanging your plants upside down draw out the moisture and let your flowers keep their original stature. Beyond floral arrangements, autumn wreaths are all the rage as well, and look beautiful hung on your front door or porch. You could even weave in some bright berries for just a hint of welcome for the festive season to come.

let your inner creative loose, and experiment with how best to welcome autumn, into your home!

Metal Accessories Interior Trend for Autumn Trends

Metal Accents In The Autumn Interior

Metallic accents are an unexpected but certainly not unwelcome trend this season. Using burnished gold flatware as part of your dining set, or adding metallic candlesticks to your mantle, add a touch of comfort and elegance all at the same time.

Metal accents don’t hold the formality of silverware which often characterise dinner parties, nor do they have the playfulness of pattern and texture that characterise summer and spring décor, but, they do bring a touch of refined, understated warmth to the interior of any home.

Teal and Green Interior Trend for Autumn Trends

Autumnal Greens

An interesting trend for an autumn interior is the lean towards green! But no, we’re not talking about plants this is time (though we all love some nature-inspired décor here), this is in reference to the unique green hues from stones like quartz or jade. The look of these stones is utterly luxurious and offers a sense of nature while blending in beautifully with the oranges and browns that are usual fixtures for this season.

Use this stone in subtle ways; a quartz candle holder, a small jade jar – or if you’d really like to go bolder, you could even incorporate it into small furniture pieces around your living or kitchen area.

Feature Lights Interior Trend for Autumn Trends

A Focus On Light

In the arena of interior décor, we all know that lights do much more than just the basic function of lighting up your home. Lights can be a statement piece in the centre of a room like a chandelier, or with the change in seasons, the use of smaller and cosier lamps can be used to light up strategic spots in your home.

Use yellow lights, candles (did someone say ‘electric fireplace’?), and any manner of warm lights to make wonderful additions to your autumn interior.

Pink Barbiecore Interior Trend for Autumn Trends


Barbiecore has been trending hard, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down for autumn. For the uninitiated, Barbiecore is the use of bright vibrant hues (often pinks and purples)you’re your home décor. Think velvet pink pumpkins or bright purple wreaths for your front door.

Of course, the danger with this trend is the possibility of taking it too far and making your house look like Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse. However, a touch of vibrant hues in strategic spots really does work wonders to liven up a space and is a brilliant mood booster as the colder months roll around. The question is, would you use these colours in your Autumn Interior?

With autumn just around the corner, the seasonal trends are getting more creative, which just gives you permission to do the same! So let your inner creative loose, and experiment with how best to welcome autumn, into your home.


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