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Autumn Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Oct 21, 2020 | Inspiration

How To Create an Autumn-inspired Kitchen


The month of November continues with the changing colours and cooler days of Autumn. With the trees beautifully and gracefully shaking off their latest coat of leaves, it creates the perfect opportunity to make some changes of your own! Here are our ideas for your ideal Autumn-inspired kitchen, to welcome the season into your home. Using the five senses, we will guide you through a sensory experience that appeals to absolutely everyone.

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Kitchen sink, wooden countertop and a matte orange splashback in an Autumn Leaves variation from the Elements Collection with a jar and flowers

Sight is the most natural of the senses to engage when it comes to redecorating

Autumn-inspired colours for your kitchen can include lovely oranges and yellows, bringing to mind a warm and sweet spiced pumpkin latte, or rich and earthy reds and browns, as scrumptious as a sugary cinnamon swirl. These warmer colours work wonders as a backdrop in your kitchen. Choosing coloured backsplashes, like those found in the Alusplash collection, or using a splash of paint to create a feature wall, instantly adds a dose of cosy warmth to your kitchen. Autumn-inspired kitchen accessories are also a fun way to bring in the season – autumn-leaf prints on tea towels, coasters, or plates are often adorable additions, while dried maple leaves, in a burnished gold vase for example, would bring a touch of elegance to any space.

Smell is undoubtedly one of the most utilised senses when it comes to the kitchen

Almost every childhood memory of the kitchen is tied to the smell of home-cooked meals or the sweet, sugary scent of baked goods. When you’re not cooking, one of the best ways to immediately evoke a sense of the season is by lighting scented candles in the kitchen. Autumn-inspired scents can include spicy sandalwood, sweet cinnamon, warm nutmeg, or even a rich vanilla to immediately make one think of all the joys of the season.

The sense of taste often defines the kitchen experience

Autumnal recipes fill the season, with warm, meaty stews bubbling on every stove, and sweet pumpkin pies baking in the oven. Apart from adding seasonal fruits and vegetables to your meals, Autumn-inspired edible décor is also a great way to get the seasonal look you’re going for. Fresh red apples in a decorative bowl, dried pumpkin slices in individual coloured plates, or cinnamon sugar sticks in pretty individually wrapped packets add some colour to your kitchen while giving everyone the perfect to-go snack as they head out into the chilly air.

Ways to incorporate touch into the sensory experience of kitchen décor

Using decorative bundles, twigs, or dried acorns are a great way to incorporate touch into the sensory experience of kitchen décor. Easily found outside, and made pretty with a few ribbons or when placed in an artful glass bowl, they help bring the outside in, in small and meaningful ways. The deliberate use of certain materials, such as stone-like or bark-like textures in your choice of panelling, countertops, or other decorative ornaments, immediately evokes a sense of the woods and the outdoors.

The sensory experience cannot be complete without considering one’s moods and emotions

With the shorter days, thoughts often turn inwards, becoming quieter and more contemplative. As the season progresses, one could lean into the changing light and longer nights, by using Autumn-inspired lighting. Using warmer and softer yellow mood lighting is the perfect way to add more warmth to your kitchen and home.

Autumn is a season where people flock indoors to warm themselves with a spiced cinnamon tea or a hearty stew. We hope you found our tips helpful in creating  the perfect sensory Autumn-inspired experience, to make your kitchen the ideal place for friends and family to gather in, this season.


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