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Beth Jamison’s Inspiring Home Renovation Journey: Choosing AluSplash for a Stylish Kitchen Splashback

Jan 16, 2024 | Inspiration

In conversation with @BethJamison

Discover the magic of Beth Jamison’s home makeover, where every brushstroke tells a tale. Join her home renovation journey, weaving style into substance with the AluSplash kitchen splashback. It’s more than design; it’s a captivating adventure through the heart of her dream home.



Beth jamison home renovation journey kitchen Splashback AluSplash Warm Grey full kitchen

Introduction and Background

Tell us a bit about yourself.

How did your journey into home design and renovation begin?

I’m Beth Jamison and I have a DIY, Home & Interiors social media channel on Instagram @bethjamison which I started many years back when me and my now husband started renovating our first home! It was initially my personal page which soon morphed into what it has become today. Myself and my husband both work in the construction/house building industry, which I guess is where our love for renovating came from. We moved into our current home around 4 years ago now and have been renovating it ever since.

Beth jamison home renovation journey

Inspiration and Decision Making

What inspired you to start sharing your home renovation journey on social media?

Why did you choose to renovate your kitchen specifically?

Can you share some insights into your interior design style? How would you describe it?

I originally started sharing my home renovation journey on social media accidentally, I had purchased a new lamp and decided to try out a new hashtag for it on my personal account. Unbeknown to me these hashtags meant something, and suddenly people were starting to follow me! It was this which opened up that there was an interiors community on Instagram and gave me the love to keep sharing as I went along. From there, I have shared the renovation journey of two homes, and continue to share consistently. I love to share all things Home, Interior and not forgetting DIY (when we find time!).

I would say my interior style is a mix of many, however, if I were to label it I would say it’s Neutral Japandi with a traditional twist! My home is very much a neutral paradise, however, over time I have noticed that we green has started appearing in more and more of our rooms!

Beth jamison home renovation journey kitchen Splashback AluSplash Warm Grey

Design Influences and Choices

What brand or trends inspired you when designing your home?

What made you choose AluSplash for your kitchen splashback?

The home I currently live in is a Victorian house built in 1894, and I absolutely love the traditional features. What I do love to do is mix the old traditional style of the home with new styles such as the Scandi/Japandi style we see so much of at the moment!

For me when choosing the kitchen splashback material, I knew that I wanted something sleek but also practical. I needed something easy to wipe down but also something that was going to last! As soon as I came across the Alusplash panels I knew that it was the perfect product. Alusplash splashback (Warm Grey) had the most beautiful earthy shade that felt like it was made for my kitchen, which in the end was the one I decided to go ahead with.

Beth jamison home renovation journey DIY

DIY Experience and Challenges

Tell us more about your experience installing AluSplash yourself.

Do you have any tips or advice for others who might want to undertake a similar project?

Installing the Alusplash splashback panels was fairly straightforward, and that’s coming from a novice DIYer! I think the key with any job you take on is ensuring that you have all the correct tools, this makes everything so much easier. Measuring the space and cutting the panels down to size was fairly straightforward, and even cutting out the socket holes proved easier than anticipated!

Beth jamison home renovation journey kitchen Splashback AluSplash Warm Grey lifestyle

Future Plans

What is next on your home interior wish list?

Next on the list is finishing off the nursery for our now 7 month old (not sure how that went so fast!), and giving the utility room a revamp! I’m also trying to work our way through a huge snagging list. I’m sure by the time we finish all this, we will be going back around to redoing the house again!

Be sure to follow @BethJamison for more on their amazing kitchen design and home renovation journey.

Photo Credit: @BethJamison


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