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Home Design Trends post Covid-19

Lockdown has meant that most of us have been spending much more time within our own four walls.  This experience has given us the opportunity to re-evaluate what we want from our homes, both in the short- and longer-term post Covid-19 world.  The...

Scandinese – The Latest Hybrid Interior Trend

Japandi, otherwise known as Japanism, Japanordic or Scandinese combines two of the most favoured design styles.A Scandinese home is based on a tranquil philosophy making use of natural materials, empty spaces, and soothing colours. Though they...

Its 2020 – Jump on the DIY trend

There is something quite alluring about crafting something entirely by yourself. An instant feeling of gratification that you may have felt back in the day, from crafting your own things and making major decisions to install your own homeware....

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