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Christmas Gift Guide – Home Décor-Inspired Presents

Nov 14, 2022 | Inspiration

­With the Holiday season just a few weeks away, it’s just about time to start writing out your Christmas gift list for your nearest and dearest. To help you out, we’ve put together our most inspired guide to getting the perfect home décor inspired gifts for the season. There’ll be no need to check this list twice!

Personalised Christmas gift basketball trashcan

For the ones who like to keep things neat and tidy

Score some major points with an adorable basketball wastebasket that would make a great addition to a family room or playroom. This Christmas gift is one that also encourages a bit of fun and competitiveness among the kids (and maybe some of the adults too!).

Personalised Christmas gift clear board

Another great Christmas gift for those who prefer to find some order in life’s chaos, is this cool dry-erase framed planner. It would look great on a kitchen counter, in the study, or even the living room – and could easily blend it with the rest of your interior décor. It’s a great way for that ultra-organized family member to see their entire week at a glance, and keep everyone else on track too!

we’ve put together our most inspired guide to getting the perfect home décor inspired gifts for the season.

Personalised Christmas gift cinema board

For the ones who are all about creative expression

For the person who’s all about living a new positive mantra every week, how about a cinema lightbox where they can create personalised messages for themselves, and everyone else around them! This Christmas gift comes with over a hundred different characters and symbols to play around with, making it an ultra-fun little addition to the living room, or even your teenagers’ bedrooms!

Personalised Christmas gift cookbook

For the home chefs

For the family chef who always seems to be able to whip something up even when all you’ve got in the fridge is a half-carton of milk – what about finding a way to memorialize their best recipes? This adorable customizable cookbook enables each family to create their own cookbook, with all the best recipes to pass down to future generations (or maybe even sell someday?). This could easily become a family project as well, with everyone working on this together, making it a Christmas gift that just keeps on giving.


Personalised Christmas gift automatic pan stirrer

For the home cook that has a hundred things to do at once, the perfect Christmas gift would be an automatic pan stirrer. There are different versions of this available on the market, some with a timer, and others with an LED blinking light to let them know when their soup or sauce is done. Especially with a recipe that calls for continuous stirring, this clever cooking device will save your favourite chef plenty of time and fatigue!


Personalised Christmas gift Captain Haddock poster

For the kids-at-heart

This Christmas gift is designed for the caffeine-addicted adults who still like a bit of fun in their lives: Capsulekongs! This Nespresso coffee-pod holder is made to look and function like the classic Donkey Kong game you might have grown up with. It can even be wall-mounted, making it the perfect purchase for a home office. It’s easily refillable too, so that the coffee (and the fun) just keep on flowing!

And for the responsible adults who still love a good cartoon, what about art pieces or interior décor inspired by their favourite characters as a Christmas gift? There are a million great options for this – from their favourite quote, a scene, or an iconic character doing their thing. This fun poster of Captain Haddock from Tintin would make any fan happy, and by chance, would make a great addition to your bathroom décor!

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This was our seasonal gift guide to help you pick out the perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest in the coming weeks. Happy holidays, and happy shopping!


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