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Design Your Own Accent Wall – Easy DIY Tips for a Stunning Home Makeover

Nov 16, 2023 | How To

Accent walls are certainly making a strong comeback, with homeowners and decorators getting more creative than ever. Accent walls can work as an incredible focal point in any given space, transforming the look and feel of a room in an instant. This décor trend started off as a playful touch by decorators, often characterised by a single wall being painted a starkly different colour from its surroundings. But accent walls have come a long way in recent years, and there have been some great ideas around modern accent walls that would suit any homeowner looking to spruce up their home with a simple and easy DIY project.



Accent wall dress the wall with painting

Choosing the Wall

This seems easy enough – simply choose a wall and cover it in paint and a few key décor items and voilà! You have an accent wall. While that does seem to cover the definition of this project, choosing the right wall is actually quite essential. It would usually have to be one of the first walls you see, or that would grab your attention the moment you step into the room. If it has an architectural feature already adorning it, even better! Exposed brick, wood panelling or a fireplace are all great spots to choose for an accent wall because you’re already working with what’s there. Choose a wall that’s also fairly symmetrical – remember that an accent wall draws attention, so if you choose a wall that slants in an odd direction, you’ll be drawing attention to that architectural flaw as well. Choose your wall well – and you’re already a quarter of the way there!

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Accent wall using colours and geometric

Colour is Your Friend

Colour and contrast is often a trademark of accent walls. Not only is a bright colour a cheerful addition to a space, they are also the perfect contrast to more subdued surroundings. If the style of your home is done up in a more Scandinavian or industrial style, a brightly coloured wall is often the perfect way to add a spark to your space. While you can certainly pick a single lovely colour to cover your wall with, just remember that patterns can make your accent wall a complete standout feature. Stripes, ombré, or even specialty paint finishes all make for some interesting experimental touches to your accent wall.

Accent wall using texture on the wall

Try it with Texture

Texture can be incorporated in a number of ways – textured wall paints, the addition of stone on your walls, embossed wood panelling or even the use of fabric or leather can all do wonders for making your wall come to life. It’ll also have the added bonus of making every guest want to touch your wall, so definitely think about upkeep and cleaning as well, when making your choice!


Accent wall using mirrors

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are quite easily the perfect addition to an accent wall. They reflect light beautifully and make your room appear larger, while coming in a myriad of shapes and sizes to suit every taste. One of the best ways to use wall mirrors is to opt for smaller patterned pieces that work well together instead of one giant piece. Even the way you organise and lay out your mirrors will serve as gorgeous wall décor.

Accent wall black functional wall in a kitchen

Create a Functional Wall

Functional Walls as feature walls are a great little hack if you’re struggling with space. The key here is that they require a bit more planning and investment. Custom-built shelving and carefully-chosen décor pieces are the key here. Shelves can be made to fit the wall exactly, creating a clean seamless look while also offering a chance to experiment with size, and décor items that draw the eye. Be sure to think about what you’d like to place in these shelves as well – if they get cluttered over time, it’s bound to ruin the overall effect of the accent wall. Another way to make it functional is to use the wall for themed paintings, pictures, or even family portraits, turning it into a mini-gallery for guests to peruse when they come by.


There you have it! Our guide to creating the perfect accent wall – be sure to share your ideas and pictures with us at @alusplash.


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