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Create An Eco-Friendly Kitchen Using Sustainable Appliances

Feb 16, 2023 | How To

We’re living in a golden age of innovation, and it seems like a brand new appliance is created every day to make our home lives just that much easier. From a sustainable standpoint however – it might be safe to say we’ve got a long way to go yet. But there are plenty of choices homeowners can make do their part for the planet, and save on energy bills while they’re at it! This is our list of smart ideas to create a sustainable kitchen – ranging from branded sustainable appliances, to the simplest eco-friendly replacements that help you do just that little bit more for the planet.

Sustainable appliance smeg eco-friendly fridge

SMEG Sustainable Appliances

Smeg appliances quickly gained popularity in recent years with their quirky retro designs and gorgeous range of colours which add to your kitchen décor. But beyond their exceptional design sense, Smeg is also known for a strong environmental policy and designs that encourage eco-efficiency and sustainability in a range of ways. Their appliances are built with longevity in mind, and many of their products have some of the highest energy-efficiency ratings around. They also offer alternative functionalities so that consumers can personalise their sustainability habits.

Smeg ovens, for example, offer an eco-cooking function. This allows for the oven to take slightly longer to heat up, which saves energy and money in the long term. But if you’re ever in a rush, the oven can still heat up quickly when it needs to! Their ovens also come with an eco-light, where you could switch the internal oven light on whenever you need to check on the food, instead of leaving it on for hours at a time.

Their induction hubs are eco-efficient wonders as well – with pre-sets that allow for adjustments of cooking, heating, or simply keeping your food warm. They also naturally restrict power limits so that you can save on energy bills by using only what you need. Smeg eco-friendly refrigerators even allow one to place it on ‘holiday mode’ switching off whole compartments when you need to be away from home for an extended period of time! They are the perfect appliance for a sustainable kitchen.

Sustainable appliances that help you do just that little bit more for the planet.

Sustainable appliance eco-friendly kettle from Dualit

Dualit Sustainability Options

Dualit made great strides in creating sustainable appliances for the home. Their large range of appliances includes coffee machines, toasters, kettles, and a range of other food prep gadgets. Their innovations produced the industry’s first compostable capsule, and their capsules are now both completely plastic-free, and 100% recyclable.

Their classic kettle has a 1.7 litre capacity, 3KW heating element, removable filters and two measuring windows so that you’re always filling just the right amount for you, and wasting no more energy than you need to!

Sustainable appliance smart composter Lomi

Lomi Eco-friendly Composters

Composters might just be an eco-warrior’s best friend. Composting reduces the amount of methane released in landfills and has the added advantage of creating wonderful fertilizer you could use for your garden or even an urban vegetable patch. There are plenty of brands out there with their own versions, but Lomi might be one of the best on the market. It reduces waste at the push of a button and also prevents insects and rodents from getting to your food waste while managing any unappealing smells.

One of the best things about a composter is how quickly it encourages you to reuse the created compost for your own growing spaces, and begins a loop that starts both you and your family on a lifetime path of sustainable food growing.


Sustainable appliance beeswax wraps

Sustainable Food Wraps & Food Containers

On the low-tech end of the equation, reusable food wraps and food containers are all the rage. Biodegradable, eco-friendly and easily cleaned beeswax wraps for example, and make it easy to say goodbye to aluminium foil and plastic cling wrap. Bee’s wrap and Etee’s are just a couple of great options that make use of natural resin, jojoba oil, and are patiently created in a production cycle that encourages zero waste. Advocates of the reusable food wrap revolution also claim they keep food fresher for longer, making them an ideal short-term food storage option as well.

Plastic-free food containers are great replacements for the Ziploc bag, and are often sturdy enough to replace lunchboxes! Stasher has a wide range of sizes, colours and functionality options that would suit any homeowner, making it that much easier to make an everyday impact.

It certainly seems that sustainable options are becoming easier to incorporate into our lives these days, and often all it takes is making slightly different choices! We hope you enjoyed our list of eco-efficient and sustainable appliances and ideas, for a more eco-friendly world.


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