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What is AluSplash?

AluSplash is an aluminium substrate which consists of three main layers. A fire- resistant core which is sandwiched between two skins of aluminium. The skins are coated with AluSplash’s proprietary paint coating which is also heat-resistant and anti-bacterial.
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Where can I buy AluSplash?

Click Here to see the full list of distributors carrying AluSplash.

Can I order AluSplash directly from you?

We do not deliver panels directly to end-customers or individual homeowners.
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Can I get a quotation for AluSplash backsplash directly from you?

We do not provide quotations or pricing information for AluSplash. We would be pleased to direct you our nearest distributor who will be able to assist.
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Can I order custom size of AluSplash kitchen backsplash?

Currently, we do not offer custom size panels.

Does AluSplash supply a coloured silicon together with the backsplash?

AluSplash does not manufacture or supply silicone sealants or adhesives.

Are AluSplash backsplashes fire resistant?

Yes, AluSplash panels have been tested by independent testing laboratories. AluSplash conforms to EN 13501-1 (European Union), BS 476 Part 6 & Part 7 (British Standard) Class “O”. AluSplash kitchen backsplashes have a fire rating of B1.

Click Here to view the Care and Maintenance tips for an AluSplash panel.

Can I use AluSplash for horizontal application or on my window sill?

AluSplash panels are only meant to be used on vertical wall applications. They should not be used in any horizontal application such as a worktop or window sills.

How hard and durable is AluSplash’s paint coated surface?

AluSplash panels have a highly durable proprietary coating system which is hard enough for its intended use, as a wall panel for vertical applications only.

Colours & Samples

How can I order a sample?

Please email us at cs@alusplash.com

Can I order a backsplash with the customized colour?

AluSplash does not offer the service to customise your backsplash panels. Our colour stylists follow the latest kitchen trends to ensure that our colour palette is up to date and is renewed from time to time.

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How can I match AluSplash backsplash colours to my kitchen?

On our website we have a colour visualiser which will allow you to visualise the colour of the AluSplash backsplash with different colours of worktops and cabinet combinations. To match your kitchen style and worktop colours to AluSplash’s colour range, Click Here and get inspired!

What is the RAL/Pantone code for AluSplash colors?

All our colors are specially developed in house. Please email us at cs@AluSplash.com to get an equivalent NCS/Pantone code.

Why does the colour selection differ across countries?

Each country carries a slightly different collection. We will always try to help the end customer with the colour of their choice from our country specific product offering.

Edge Profiles

How do I cover the raw edge of an AluSplash backsplash?

There are two ways to give your newly installed backsplash a clean and professional finish:

1) Use profiles from our wide range of edge profile accessories. These are available with your panel or can be purchased separately.

Click Here to see full range of profiles

2) Seal the exposed edges with a neutral cure silicon.

How do I attach the profiles?

For correct installation, it is important that the longer flat side of the L-Edge/U-Edged profile is attached to the back of the AluSplash panel, whilst the short side covers the 4mm sawed edge.

After the profile is secured to the panel, it can be glued to the wall following the correct installation steps.

How do I combine two panels on an outside corner?

Use the external corner profile to combine two panels. After the profiles are attached and the panels are connected tightly, the combined panels can be glued onto the wall following the correct installation steps.

How do I attach the joining profile?

Place the panels face down on a flat, clean and sturdy table. Peel 50mm of the protection film away from the back of the panel on the sides which need to be connected. Clean the area with a microfiber cloth and if possible with an alcohol swab. Attach the joining strip by pushing down firmly for a few minutes across the total length of the joining strip. Click here to see the correct method of using the joining profile

What side of the panel do I work on for best practice?

Always work on the back of the panel, face side down.


How to install an AluSplash backsplash?

Please Click Here for a step by step installation guide.

How do I start the installation process?

We recommend that you start working from the centre of the panel.

What is the minimum distance required from the hob and the AluSplash panel?

It is important that a minimum set back distance of 30mm between the installed AluSplash Panel and the edge of the cooktop is adhered to. Failure to do so will result in the limited liability warranty to be void.

Is AluSplash a D.I.Y product? Can I install it by myself ?

AluSplash kitchen backsplashes are easy to install, as long as there is no electrical, gas or plumbing work involved. Ensure that the Installation Video and Guidelines are followed and one must protect themselves with Personal Protective Gear (PPG).

If the installation requires any sort of electrical, plumbing or gas fitting, ONLY a qualified and licensed electrician, plumber and/or gas fitter should carry out the work.

When measuring for expansion gaps, what is the distance required?

It is imperative that an adequate gap of 1.5mm is maintained in order for the panel to be able to expand and contract once heat has come in contact with the panel.

If the surface of the AluSplash panel was accidently scratched, what can I do?

Scratches on the coated surface cannot be repaired, similarly to any painted/coated surface, much like the surface of a car. However, we recommend searching for a local SMART repairman; they use specialist tools, materials and paints to blend the repair with the surrounding panel.

How do I clean my backsplash?

In order to clean the surface, we would recommend using Vuplex with a clean dry microfibre cloth.

I have noticed a blemish on my panel, what can I do?

If you have noticed a cloudy type mark, this could be due to the limescale in the water. Steam from cooking or a kettle which has faced the panel may cause this. Please make sure to read the care and maintenance guidelines.

Pro tip: Set the hair dryer on medium heat and hold it two inches away from the stain. As you apply heat, use a cloth or napkin to buff away the mark. Continue wiping until the surface is blemish-free.


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