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Safe, Hygienic & Low Maintenance

  • Grout free and non-porous
  • Dirt and grime can be easily wiped and cleaned with a microfiber cloth
  • Non-toxic and Lead-free paint surface
  • Will not shatter or crack like glass
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Eco Friendly

  • 100% post-consumer recyclable
  • Non-toxic and Lead-free
  • Requires less energy to produce than glass backsplashes
  • No emissions of greenhouse gases during production

Steam & Water Resistant

  • Ideal panel for bathroom walls, shower surrounds and vanity backsplashes

Fire Resistant

  • Fire rated and safe to use behind gas cooktops, unlike acrylic backsplashes
  • Suitable to be used behind all popular cooktops
  • Maintain a 30mm / 1.18” distance from the edge of the cooktops

Quick & Easy to Install

  • Does not require expensive professional installation
  • Fabricate with normal wood working tools
  • Can be installed 3 times faster than tile backsplashes
  • Can be V-grooved & folded around the corners, without joints
  • Easy to make cut outs for electrical sockets
  • Full range of edge and corner profiles available for a clean finish

AluSplash vs Glass, Acrylic, Tiles and Painted Walls


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