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Our Story

How it all Began…

When we set out to produce a kitchen backsplash back in 2014, we wanted it be more than just a wall covering, it had to be versatile in its applications whilst also offering tangible benefits over the current options of existing wall covering materials available in the market. The panel had to strike the right balance between style, functionality and purpose. We wanted to create a panel which would make a statement and accentuate the wall on which it was installed on.

After months of research and development we came up with a unique product which ticked all the boxes on our checklist and in early 2015 AluSplash was born. The initial phase was challenging as we had to change the mindset of many installers and designers who were used to traditional materials like glass and tiles, but we persevered and went on road shows to train and demonstrate the benefits of our product and started to see an acceptance of our product.

Today, installers and designers have recognized the many benefits of AluSplash backsplash and suggest it to their clients over other products. This is a testament of our efforts and we couldn’t be more pleased to see this overwhelming acceptance.

In the past 5 years we have grown our presence from 2 countries to over 35 and counting. We are delighted to have AluSplash available in over 2300 retail stores and design studios globally. We have increased our production capacity by over 60% in the last 2 years to meet the overwhelming demand. As a result, we moved to a brand-new production facility in 2019 where we have created additional capacity for our anticipated growth over the next decade and beyond.

Our Story

Our Values


Our Story

Meet the Team

Managing Director

Mehul has led the AluSplash team since inception. With over 20 years of experience in the sales and manufacturing of aluminum panels, his passion for his work is unparalleled as he is always thinking of ways to improve AluSplash’s operational and production efficiencies.


Stewarding the Customer Service, HR and administrative department, Nisha’s meticulous style of working and ability to find innovative solutions has been instrumental in AluSplash’s growth over the years. She is the silent force that keeps AluSplash in check and the team motivated.

International Sales

An extremely hardworking and passionate man, who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the aluminium industry. With over 30 years of sales and product development experience, Hennie always has new ideas to excite the team and our customers. When he’s not working at all hours, you’ll find him globetrotting around the world!

Marketing Manager

Highly motivated to succeed, and driven with passion. She has 5 years of international marketing experience. Bursting with ideas, and her British humour, she is detail-oriented and amiable; allowing people around her to have a ton of fun whilst achieving their goals and creating magic.

Marketing Executive

Bringing a fresh outlook on marketing, Lucile has 3 years of experience in B2C Marketing. She is highly efficient in completing tasks and is always ready with new suggestions. When she is not at work, she is working on her wine certifications and love of cheese.

Logistics & Shipping

He is your go-to guy in the organisation. If you have a freight or shipping query, he is your man. Having over 20 years of shipping and logistics experience you will find him his “Chai” in one hand, and a million documents in the other, no task is too much for Badar.

Mr Charlie

Passionate and hardworking, Charlie has always had a knack for accounting. With over 40 years of accounting experience under his belt he crunches numbers like no other. Watch out for his batik print shirts, as that’s the only loud thing about him. He silently crunches the numbers and makes sure AluSplash is in its happy place.

Secret Forces
Production Team

Behind the front faces of the AluSplash team with whom our customers interact with, is the secret army of 182 individuals who work tirelessly and passionately at our production facility to produce the highest quality products. These include our operations, purchase, production planning, technical and testing, R&D, logistics and dispatch teams. Each individual on these teams plays a vital role to ensure that every batch of AluSplash panels are produced to the highest standard of quality and delivered on time.


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