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Bring your dream kitchen to life!

Use our kitchen visualiser – and your imagination – to create your perfect interior. Choose the colour of the cabinets, worktops, and backsplash to design a space that will work for you and your home.

Cabinets: White

Counter top: White

Splashback: Petrol Blue / Petrol Blue Metallic

Cabinets: White

White Grey Black Wood

Countertop: White

White Grey Black Wood

Splashback: Petrol Blue / Petrol Blue Metallic

Blue Hues
Petrol Blue / Petrol Blue Metallic Blue Bird Ocean Wave First Frost
Warm Taupes
Latte / Latte Metallic Warm Grey / Warm Grey Metallic Sandy Steps Ivory Mist
Black, White & Greys
Ebony / Stardust Black Space Silver Ice White / Artic White Graphite Grey Winter Dream
Bold Accents
Blueberry / Blueberry Metallic Totally Teal Bright Olive / Olive Green Spanish Red
Modern Industrial
Champagne Brushed Sliver Brushed

Disclaimer: This visualiser features colours from both the Essentials and Elegance Collections. Some colours have the same hue and are represented by the same image, e.g Latte/Latte Metallic, Petrol Blue/Petrol Blue Metallic, etc. The Essentials Collection is comprised of solid colours, whereas the Elegance collection feature subtle metallic flakes on the surface. Colour range and availability may vary from country to country. Contact your nearest distributor or cs@alusplash.com for more information.


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