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Important Information

  1. To achieve optimum product performance and compliance, AluSplash Splashback Panels must be installed in
    accordance to the installation guideline shown below in this manual.
  2. It is important that a minimum set back distance indicated below between the installed AluSplash Panel and the cooktop is adhered to for the warranty to be effective.


  3. It is important that if AluSplash Panels are used in a shower recess, shower wall or any other applications where the panel will be in subject to contact with water and/or steam, that the exposed side edges of the panel sheet must be sealed with silicon and must not be left exposed. Failure to comply may cause the panel to delaminate and the warranty will not apply if this guideline is not adhered to.
  4. AluSplash panels are coated with a high durable and proprietary paint coating system, which can be cleaned easily. Damage caused to the coated surface by the use of abrasive, acidic and caustic-cleaning accessories will not be covered under the warranty. It is important the correct cleaning and maintenance guidelines outlined in this manual are followed, to not only maintain the panel’s coated surface but also to keep the panel’s warranty in force.
  5. AluSplash Splashback Panels comply with International Fire Standards to meet the highest fire safety regulations. The Panels are tested in accordance to:
    • ASTM E-84 (United States)
    • BS 476, Part 6 & 7, (British Standard)
    • EN-13501-1 (European Union)
    • AS/NZ 1530.3 (Australia/New Zealand)
  6. It is important that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is always worn when handling, fabricating or installing AluSplash Splashback Panels.

  7. It is required that a 2 man lift or mechanical assistance be used when lifting and moving AluSplash Panels around. Always lift the panels in a vertical orientation to avoid buckling of the panel. Glazier’s suction cups are recommend to be used to assist with lifting and moving the panels safely.

  8. Always transport AluSplash Panels horizontally on a solid pallet that supports the entire length of the panel. Ensure that the panels are strapped and protected with the top and bottom coversheets to prevent damage. Multiple Sheets should be transported with the decorative faces together.
  9. Always inspect the panel sheet upon delivery and prior to fabricating and installing. Inspect the panel sheet for any visible damage such as dents, impact damage or deep scratches through the protective film. Panels with such defects should be rejected unless the damaged section is outside of the required usable area. Installation of damaged sheets will not be covered under the warranty.
  10. AluSplash Panels can be fabricated easily with normal wood working tools. The Panels can be cut and folded easily around or into corners to give a continuous look without any joints. For simpler installation, AluSplash panels can be butt joint together or into corners. Allowance of 3mm is required for silicon sealing and thermal expansion if the butt joint installation method is being used.
  11. AluSplash Splashback Panels can be cut for plumbing and electrical installations. The panels can be cut using a hole-saw or a jigsaw. A 3mm expansion gap around joins is required. AluSplash Panels are electrically conductive; a licensed electrician must perform all electrical work. A licensed plumber or gas fitter must perform all plumbing work.
  12. AluSplash Splashback Panels are protected with a thick protection film to protect the coated surface from any damage. The film is marked with an arrow indicating the direction of installation. All panels must be installed in the same direction as the arrow to avoid visual color or gloss variation. The protective film should not be removed during fabrication or installation. Only remove the protection film after all works to install the panels are complete.

ALWAYS follow the above-mentioned guidelines and install the panels in accordance to the installation guidelines outlined in this manual. Failure to do so will leave the product unwarranted and could pose as a potential hazard.