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Grigio Marble And Concrete Backsplashes – Elements Collection Latest Additions

Oct 25, 2022 | Inspiration

Did you know that we recently launched two new backsplash textures to our Elements Collection? We are thrilled to introduce Grigio Marble and Concrete, to compliment your home interior. Our high-end backsplashes will add a glamorous touch to your interiors and will fit with any type of modern and classic interiors

Concrete Elements Collection Alusplash

Concrete Splashback

Joining the Elements collection, our Concrete backsplash panel works effortlessly within any modern kitchen interior and will compliment it with its subtle texture and soft grey colour palette. Of course, like any AluSplash backsplash panels, the Concrete texture is fire-resistant and can be used behind most popular cooktops. When paired with matt black and silver accents, the concrete look of this backsplash will particularly suit an industrial vibe within your home and enhance any space to create the ultimate loft-style aesthetic.

Our high-end splashbacks will add a glamorous touch to your interiors.

Grigio Marble Elements Collection Alusplash

Grigio Marble Splashback

We have created a panel which captures the beauty of real stone with our special AluSplash coating giving it anti-bacterial qualities, perfect for any interior space. This panel offers stunning textural details and subtle grey tones, will add an element of luxury to your kitchen and will perfectly complement both modern and traditional interiors. 

Style our Grigio Marble backsplash panel against a neutral colour palette creating a focal feature in your kitchen. You can also choose to combine this finish with grey and white tones across cabinetry drawing attention to the white veining within the marble. Or, choose to introduce a contrasting element within your kitchen by combining our panels with black cabinets and fixtures highlighting the distinctive details of our Grigio Marble backsplash.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about these new splashback textures. Choose to design your home interior with our new panels to bring your interior space on-trend.

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