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How To Create An Spacious And Bright Kitchen – Without The Fuss

Oct 3, 2022 | How To

Airy and bright kitchen design trend has been going strong for a few years now, and with good reason. As kitchens are designed to be smaller and more space-saving, especially in city apartments, we’re all looking for ways to feel better about these cramped spaces. Even if you do have an enviably spacious kitchen, a few key design choices to make it feel bigger is bound to lift anyone’s mood.

These budget-friendly tips and tricks will work for virtually every home and can do wonders for transforming your kitchen.

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White & Bright Kichen

One of the most effective ways to create a spacious and bright kitchen is to stick to the lighter end of the colour spectrum. White cabinetry with subtle finishings, light wood flooring and bare (or lightly coloured) walls immediately make a space feel more open and welcoming. Of course, this doesn’t mean a dazzlingly white kitchen – use this opportunity to blend light blues and subtle beiges in your kitchen, and contrast these soft colours with gold or silver furnishings for a subtle but incredibly transformative kitchen design.


Open Design

Open design doesn’t always mean hacking down walls or cabinetry to make space. Sometimes it can be as simple as switching out to barstools that can be tucked under a kitchen island, instead of your usual high-backed chairs. You might even clean out your cupboards so that all your kitchenware is tucked away neatly. A little spring cleaning can go a long way in making your cluttered, dark kitchen look like it’s ready for a new day!

A few key design choices to make it feel bigger is bound to lift anyone’s mood.

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Single-Ledge Open Shelving

This might require a bit more DIY flare, but the effect is so very worth it. The use of sturdy single-ledge open shelving does so much more to flatter the idea of a spacious and bright kitchen, than bulky cabinetry. It also forces all of us to face our hoarding instincts head-on, and remove everything unnecessary from the kitchen. If it can’t fit on the shelf – it’s gone!


Decorate with Dishware

If you do take steps to create more open shelving in your kitchen, then take that opportunity to invest in some gorgeous decorative dishware as well. Find some unique and well-made ceramic plates and cups that double as both a pasta bowl and interior décor, and proudly display them in your kitchen. It reduces the amount of space used for dishware, and is the first step to you rocking that minimalist life.

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Modern & Streamlined Hardware

Nothing says outdated like that bulky, rattling stove you’ve had since the 80s. If you’ve lived with your hardware long enough, this is your sign to buy some new, modern, streamlined kitchen tech. The current models available on the market are smaller, faster, and much quieter than their ancient counterparts. So if you’re looking for an updated kitchen look, it might pay to figure out if maybe you really could use some new bones for your old kitchen.

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Natural Light

It really does go without saying doesn’t it – but natural light does so much for a space. If you do have a chance to have big open windows, keep them wide and uncluttered (no curtains please). If you have a small window with minimal natural light, experiment with ways to make the light bounce in your kitchen. Sometimes the use of shiny materials (like the positioning of a steel fridge, or mirrors) can create the illusion of a bright kitchen. If you don’t have any natural light at all, then track lights are your best friend. This great design invention allows you to position bright lights at different spots in a space, ensuring that every inch is bright and welcoming.

Well, there you have it – our tips and tricks for creating that spacious and bright kitchen of your dreams, even on a budget!


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