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How to Embrace Contemporary Style in Your Home

Nov 12, 2020 | How To

Today’s contemporary style of decorating is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, colour, and clean lines. Focusing on space and shape rather than objects, create a sleek and fresh look that is still comfortable and welcoming.

By following some simple rules, you can embrace contemporary style within your home.

Simplicity is the Key to Modern Style Homes

The furniture should be simple, yet still make a statement. Choose pieces that are smooth, with clean lines or geometric shapes, in neutral tones. Use them as basic backgrounds, where you add an element of excitement by adding a pop of your favourite colour, such as bold cushions on a grey sofa. Contemporary sofas, chairs, ottomas and beds have exposed legs, so avoid any furniture with skirts, tassels or other trims. Use bare wood and metal to create a strong structural look, and add texture with natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen and jute.

Use Bold Colours to Accentuate Neutral Spaces

Black, white, greys and neutrals are usually accented with bright and bold colours to achieve a contemporary look. For example, neutral walls, flooring or kitchen units provide the perfect backdrop for bold soft furnishings, kitchen accessories, or a bright kitchen splashback. If you have coloured walls or kitchen cabinetry, then keep everything else in the room neutral.

These ideas on how to achieve a contemporary look into your home will remain on-trend for years to come

Strong, Visible Lines Are Evident In Contemporary Style Homes

Whether found in architectural details, bare windows and high ceilings, and in geometric shapes and bold colour blocks in artwork and other decor, strong and visible lines are evident in contemporary style homes. The space between pieces of furniture and between pictures on the walls is also important, so that each piece stands out. Industrial style interiors of old warehouse conversions work particularly well for contemporary interior design, thanks to exposed brickwork and pipes that add texture and interest.

Choose Simple and Smooth Flooring

Choose simple and smooth flooring, like wood, tiles or vinyl. Colour and texture can be added with plain or geometric patterned rugs to define certain areas of a room. If you still want to use carpet, consider flat weave, commercial style carpets.

Stylish Lighting and Art are Part of a Modern Style Home

Using track and recessed lighting beneath cupboards in your kitchen will give a stylish, contemporary look, and elsewhere in the home use cove lighting where possible. The light fixtures themselves can make a statement, in metallics or bold colours. Spotlights are best used in contemporary ceilings, which can also be directed towards certain pieces you want to focus on in the room. Where wall art is concerned, use frames in high gloss or matte black, natural wood or metal. If you want to put several pictures together, hang them close to each other so they give the impression they are one large piece.


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