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How to embrace Country Rustic Trend in your home interior

Nov 25, 2021 | Trends

Country Rustic Décor has been a favourite of homeowners and interior designers alike for many years. Defined by the unlikely marriage of rugged interiors and ultimate comfort, country rustic is all about letting the beauty of natural materials shine through. Instead of worrying about clean lines or shiny metallics, this style is based on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that puts you right at home.

5 ways to embrace Country Rustic in your kitchen

Nature Inspired Materials

The use of wood is largely essential to the rustic style – but your options when it comes to wood or other natural materials are virtually endless. Wooden furniture, hardwood floors, or even wood paneled walls are all-time favourites. Wood ages beautifully when taken care of, and quite often, all it takes is a good polish every couple of years. One of the more popular country rustic trends would have to be exposed wooden beams, which can give any space that sought-after barn vibe.

Of course, wood isn’t the only natural material that can add to your country rustic décor. The use of stones, leaves, furs (faux or otherwise) as well as potted plants are all great choices and can be used separately or all together.

Using green in your country rustic theme

Hues and Metallics

Warm and nature-inspired hues are important as well. In general, the main colours should reflect what can be found in nature. Colours like rich browns and forest greens blend beautifully with most rustic décor and can be accented with muted red, blues, or even yellows for a brighter splash of colour.

Country rustic design doesn’t mean you have to shy away from metallics either – muted metallic materials like iron, copper, brass or oil-rubbed bronze do a great job for adding a touch of the industrial to this style – an unlikely union that will give your overall design a little edge.

how to style a rustic fireplace

Carving out cosy spots

If having your entire home done up in the country rustic trend isn’t quite your speed, one of the easiest ways of achieving that same natural comfort, is to pick out a few cosy spots in your home to transform. The living room, the back patio, or the entryway of your home are all prime areas to be transformed. Picking darker colours and wood furnishings immediately makes a space more intimate and inviting, and calms body and mind.

Allow your décor to reflect the space; a living room with a fireplace is begging for a fur rug, and a back patio calls for comfortable chairs with deep cushions and warm throws.

Country rustic design is often imperfect, but that’s what makes it so comfortable and homey.

How to layer materials to achieve a country rustic look

Layering it on!

Country rustic design is often imperfect, but that’s what makes it so comfortable and homey. Lean into the aesthetic by mixing and matching your textiles. Wooden furnishings with a vintage-styled wallpaper, for example, makes a bold and impressionable statement.

While colourful pillows and printed rugs and throws can contrast against a darker backdrop of leather couches, animal hides or fur, and dark painted walls.

Add a seasonal twist to your country home

Give it a seasonal twist!

One of the biggest advantages of this design style is how easily it lends itself to seasonal décor. A relaxed, nature-inspired, and festive look is easily achieved by making a few tweaks to your country rustic design palette.

Dried flowers, plants, and even fruits and berries can be used along your staircase or your entryway. They’ll add a welcome dash of colour to any space, as do evergreen plants. These can be in the form of wreaths or small potted plants positioned in strategic places around the house – a teaser for the giant Christmas tree undoubtedly already situated in most living rooms.

Replace your cushion covers and rugs with seasonally inspired designs, and string up small yellow lights in copper, or natural metallic tones for a spot of cheer.

In country rustic design, simplicity reigns, as does function over form. But its true power lies in its ability to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort, and bring the beauty of nature from the outside, in.


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