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How to Incorporate Art-Inspired Décor into Your Home and Personalise Your Space

Apr 12, 2024 | How To

Art-inspired Décor is easily the most subjective piece of décor in any given space, and that is especially true when it is found in the home. It would be completely fair to say that choosing art as part of your personalised space décor can be both an act of vulnerability and an act of bravery. Art is incredibly personal, and the ways in which we display and share these pieces often show visitors a hidden aspect of ourselves. It can be a complicated muse to work with, but if you’re so inclined, art can do wondrous things for your space, and make a house a home with its warmth, vibrancy and soul. These are our favourite ways to incorporate art into your home décor, in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing, and true to who you are.

Living room with blue wall, modern white couch, and Picasso-inspired paintings showcasing Art-Inspired Décor for a personalised space

Let the art (and the artist) inspire your personalised space

Home décor is often chosen to work with a space – high ceilings, narrow or wide spaces, wood or metal, are all influences on the subsequent décor we choose to work with. Art might be the sole exception to this rule. While it should still certainly work with your space, it is safe to say that humans are just as inclined to work around a piece of art that truly inspires them. If you happen to own a piece of art that truly moves you, then by all means, use it to inspire the décor in your personalised space. A black-and-white painting could easily inspire a noir design for your space, using clean lines and a monochrome palette. Whereas a painting of a lush and colourful forest could inspire natural décor, with the use of browns, beiges and greens, plenty of wooden furniture and other small nature-inspired elements.

Our favourite ways to incorporate art into your home décor!

Dining room with wood table, eclectic chairs, and diverse paintings on wall illustrating Art-Inspired Décor for a personalised space

Switch it all up: shape, size, and colour in your art-inspired décor

Art-inspired décor can also be incredibly versatile in its use. If you’re looking for art that is as eye-catching as it is personal, try switching up the shape, size, and colour of smaller pieces of wall art, while sticking to a particular theme. Pick any type of painting, stencils or drawings you like, botanicals and flowers are great choices, as are ships, or even Victorian-style portraits. The key here is to use a mix of frames as well – and remember that the frames can be as artistic as the pictures themselves! This style works best when used above a lovely cabinet or table, acting as a visual support for your smaller pieces of framed art.

House corridor with multiple large art paintings adorning the walls, creating Art-Inspired Décor for a personalised space

Create the gallery of your dreams

A gallery doesn’t just have to exist in a museum. Pick a particular wall in your home that sees a fair bit of human traffic, ideally in the entryway, near the living room, or even near the bathroom, and proudly display your art pieces there. This is a great opportunity to mix and match your pieces, but be sure that they work well with your wall colour and available lighting. For high ceilings, this would be the perfect place to use longer and taller pieces of wall art. You can also stack your art, using similar pieces one on top of the other, adding to the illusion of height and length.

Living room with blue sofa, floral paintings as focal point on wall, embodying Art-Inspired Décor for a personalised space

Use art as a focal point

Art-inspired décor comes in many forms – and while paintings or wall hangings are common choices, don’t forget the appeal of small statues, stone ornaments or even artistically made fountains and cultural pieces. Pieces from your travels can often make wonderful and unique focal points for your spaces. Size often doesn’t matter as much as you think, and a small statue or ornament placed in a particular well-lit spot can be incredibly eye-catching and a great conversation-starter for your guests!

Children's bedroom with large black and white jungle mural featuring birds, representing Art-Inspired Décor in a personalised space

Art can be unexpected

If the triumph of artists like Banksy are anything to go by, art can be found in the most unexpected places. Experiment with where art could be placed and be pleasantly surprised by the way these pieces delight your guests. Place art behind your kitchen sink, in the bathroom, in a hidden enclave or at the side of a bookshelf, and enjoy the way your home remains an extraordinary place to visit. The kitchen is the perfect space to experiment with different mediums of art as well – even the tiles remain yours to play and experiment with!

There are a hundred ways to use and incorporate Art-Inspired décor into your home, but the thing to remember is that it is always a personal decision. If it makes you happy to look at it and have it in your personalised space, you’ve made the right choice! Be sure to share with us your favourite art-inspired décor @alusplash.


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