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How To Incorporate Biophilic and Botanical Trends Into Your Home

Mar 31, 2022 | How To

Modern city-dwellers reportedly spend up to 90% of our time indoors, so is it any wonder that human beings have been actively exploring nature-inspired design and décor for their homes?

The concept of biophilic interior design comes from the word ‘Biophilia’ – which quite literally means ‘Love of Nature’. This design style is defined by its dedication to creating meditative and green spaces, that evoke a sense of calm and well-being.

With the rise of these nature-inspired and botanical trends, we picked out a few of our favourites that would work for just about any space – from the smallest city apartment to a sprawling home in the country.

how to use full length windows in your interior

Natural Light 

Let there be light! The addition of larger windows (even floor-to-ceiling if you can get away with it) do wonders for flooding a space with ample natural light. Sometimes all it takes is a  simple reconfiguration of your space, moving smaller pieces of furniture around, or switching out heavier curtains, that may be keeping out the full potential of natural light from your home.

Exposure to enough natural light helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, improve circadian rhythms, and even regulates our moods! So if your space is giving off too much of a Dracula vibe, throw open those windows and let in as much light as possible.

This design style is defined by its dedication to creating meditative and green spaces, that evoke a sense of calm and well-being.

How to incorporate plants in your interior

Plants as Décor

Plants are too often a bit of an afterthought when it comes to interior décor. Or worse, some genuinely believe that plants are more for outside than inside. Indoor plants immediately brighten up a space and help to regulate the fresh air in your home.

With the rise in decorative planters and pots, plants can become statement pieces all on their own. Some plant stores will even help you decide the best kind of plant to go in different areas of your home, with recommendations for size, colour, and even what combinations of plants would go together in the most attractive way.

how to use biophillic wallpaper in your home

Embracing Natural Curves and Lines

Embracing natural curves and lines in interior décor are also a key part of biophilic design. Sharp edges rarely exist in nature, and homes that follow this design style often have furniture with soft rounded edges, rugs, and cushions made from natural materials, and incorporate the use of wood, stone, or even bamboo. The designs are often focused on warmth, softness, and comfort that promote a sense of relaxation.

Botanical Prints

Unsurprisingly, biophilic design often welcomes the use of botanical prints in the home. From cushion covers to carpets and wallpaper, leaves, flowers, or even adorable bird prints immediately bring nature into your home without you ever having to step outside.

how to incorporate water features in your home

Flowing Water

The use of flowing water is often understated when it comes to interior décor. The sound of trickling water is extraordinarily soothing to the human mind, and it is why so many of us instinctively feel at peace when sitting by a river, or while watching the waves lap at the beach. That same sense of calm is easily recreated at home. If possible, having a small pond in your garden or grounds would be a great option.

For an apartment, there are small, decorative fountains that only take up as much space as a small side table. They need only a nearby electrical outlet to work, and to keep the sound of water flowing all day.

Biophilic design is likely a design trend that will stand the test of time as our cities get more populated and our natural spaces shrink. The positive impacts of Biophilic designs are numerous, and it only goes to show that despite our extraordinary cities, human are still nature lovers at heart.


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