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How To Incorporate Blue Hues Into Your Home

Jun 16, 2022 | How To

Both the colour of the deep ocean and the wide-open sky, it is no wonder that human beings have loved the colour blue for as long as history can remember. It would be great always to feel like you do when sitting by the beach and gazing out at the calm ocean, or when dozing in a grass field, looking up at the expansive sky?

Psychology tells us that blue hues evoke feelings of peace and security, which explains why it has remained a timeless interior décor choice.

Here are just some of the ways you can incorporate more of those calm blue hues into your home.


Vintage Blue Hues 

Vintage Stone Blue is all the rage at the moment and works beautifully as a statement colour in your home. It has a deeper indigo base layered with a warmer tone that is impactful all on its own.

Gorgeous when used in large swathes of colour, it immediately adds a feeling of serenity to any room. Using different shades of blue hues can create contrast; for door frames, window frames, or feature walls. When set against whites, yellows, or even other shades of blue, this colour would be the key ingredient in creating an utterly charming room.

Who wouldn’t want to always feel the way you do when sitting by the beach and gazing out at the calm ocean, or when dozing in a field of grass, looking up at the expansive sky?


Another Blue Hue – Totally Teal

Teal is often known as the ‘star’ of any tastefully decorated space and with good reason. This stunning blue-green shade immediately draws the eye and is perfect for use on a statement piece. In the living room, this could be a lovely teal couch, or in your bedroom, it might be a velvet teal headboard. Also, a great colour to use in your kitchen, it works beautifully when set against a more neutral background of white or grey.

The ‘Totally Teal’ Alusplash splashback has deep mysterious blue hues that dramatically change the look and feel of a space, making it the perfect choice for a statement piece.


Bluebird or Sky Blue?

That lovely shade found on some blue birds is one of the most popular choices for blue in the home. Cheerful and adaptable, this shade is the colour of a clear sky on a sunny morning and makes you feel exactly the same way. Highly versatile, it works well when set against both dark and light hues, and even adapts well to wood and stone work.

Perfect for a study wall, kid’s playroom, or even used for your kitchen splashback, this shade of blue will be one your family will enjoy for years to come.


Cool Arctic, Otherwise Known As Glacier Blue

This cooler shade of blue is fresh, bright, and puts a spring in your step. Too much of this blue can make a space look a bit washed out, however, so it should always be used strategically, and contrasted against deeper and darker shades of blue hues.

Perfect for bathrooms, use this colour for cabinets contrasted against darker walls, or vice versa. In the kitchen, a fun refrigerator in this colour would do wonders, or try a sweet blue splashback set against darker coloured counters.

Blue is definitely one of the most versatile colour choices for your home, and that lovely feeling of calm and serenity that comes with it is truly priceless!


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