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How To Incorporate Your Personality Into Your Interior Design Style

Jan 19, 2021 | How To

While following the latest trends and styles is always a good thing when it comes to interior decor, the value of having a bit of your own personality embedded in your personal space cannot be overstated. The truth is, without that touch of personality, a house simply never quite becomes a home! Which is why, in 2021, with people having spent more time in their homes than ever before, the value of having a space where we are surrounded by things that makes us happy has become a design priority for so many.


How To Use Your Personality In Interior Decor?

Using your personailty in interior design - Adding a Touch of Colour to Your Life

Adding A Touch Of Colour To Your Life

The use of colours in your home, through paints and textured surfaces are a great and subtle way of expressing your personality through your interior decor. Following the psychology of colours, your choice of colours can not only express your personality, but also reflect the moods you wish to be in, in each room. Reds, maroons, and oranges are easily the most intense of colours, and often represent passion and power. These can be used for the entryway of your home, or in your living and dining room to raise energy levels.

Colours are a great  way of expressing your personality through your interior decor.

Using your personailty in interior design - expressing your personality through your interior décor

The Use Of Colours Is A Great Way To Express How You Want To Feel

Yellows, light pinks, and light blues are cheerful and make one think of sunny days. These are great in rooms that your family tends to gather together, like in your kitchen or family den. A yellow or pale blue colour scheme is often complimentary to any kitchen, and can alter the energy and mood of a space. Deeper greens and blues on the other hand can be very calming, and are often recommended for bedrooms or children’s playrooms. Whereas neutral colours like whites, browns, and greys are great in the study, or compliment other painted walls or coloured tiles anywhere in the house. Depending on your personal interior style, colours are a great way to express not just who you are, but how you want to feel.

Using your personailty in interior design - Style is Always in Fashion

Style Is Always in Fashion

Choosing the style of your entire home alone can often speak volumes about the kind of person you are, and when it comes down to it, there are a variety of styles to choose from in any interior design project. Those who prefer a more classic style, are often those who wish for a timeless and refined feel for their home, and relish the merging of history and heritage with elegant functionality.

The Scandanivan style reflects those who prefer the simple comforts of clean lines and  uncomplicated design, and who often prefer not to overthink their choice of home decor. Simply put, they believe a home is to be lived in, and lived in simply. Those who prefer a modern look believe in the sleek, uncluttered space that gives them immediate peace of mind. Their ideal personal interior decor style tends towards wide open and minimal spaces, with interesting and sharp architectural lines. Whereas those who choose the rustic comforts of home are drawn towards the use of wood, timber and exposed brick. Those who enjoy this style love a home that exudes warmth and welcome, wrapped in a fur-lined rug.

When it comes to interior decor, focus on your own personality rather than on the latest trends and styles.

Using your personailty in interior design - Statement pieces are all the rage in 2021

Making A Statement

Statement pieces are all the rage in 2021, with eclectic styles on the rise in homes. With everyone spending more time at home last year, and for what seems to be the foreseeable future, people are displaying statement pieces that both speak to them, and for them. The use of these pieces are a great way of reflecting your personality in your interior decor, while still keeping in line with the original design and style choices of your home. Displaying vintage toy cars, movie collectibles, vinyl, or even fun pieces (like a telephone shaped like a burger) are celebrated, and often act as great conversation starters!

So let your personality shine through this year, indeed, nothing could be more in style than being yourself!


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