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How To Use An Autumn Colour Palette In Your Home

Sep 6, 2021 | How To

As the weather gets colder, it marks the perfect time to adorn your home with a warm and inviting Autumn colour palette. Colours in your home can play an important role in creating a wonderfully cosy space for you to unwind in in the coming months.

Whether you’re redecorating your entire home, or just looking to spruce up your interior décor with a few light touches, we’ve compiled a few great ideas to help you welcome in the new season.

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Making the shift from cooler to warmer tones

Cooler tones like whites, blues and greens were perfect for the heat of summer, but with the coming of autumn, it’s time to shift to warmer tones for your home. Be inspired by the changing colours of the maple leaves, golden sunsets and beautiful falling leaves, and mimic those beautiful tones in your interior décor. The Autumn colour palette can run from deep reds, to bright cheerful yellows and every range in between. However, keep in mind that such bold colours often work best as accents or features in your home.

Painting your entire living room red may not lead to that cosy feel you’re looking for, but perhaps changing up the colour of a small wall, or adding a bright new painting or wall feature in an Autumn colour palette, could do just the trick.


Keeping it Cosy

Another great way to up the cosiness factor at home is to mix up your autumn colour palette with comforting textures.  Beautifully knitted rugs or throws immediately brighten up any space. Pick bright and cheerful colours in reds, oranges and light russet browns and use them against neutral colours or darker palettes like cedar brown or forest green.

Cushions and quilts are great ways to add layers to your couch, armchair, or bed, and of course, are handy to have as the cooler months roll around.


Flowers, flowers, die away

Like the Emily Brontë poem, Autumn is undoubtedly characterised by the loss of fresh flowers and leaves. But that doesn’t mean that flowers aren’t still a beautiful way to decorate your home in the upcoming months! Moving on from fresh bouquets, dried flowers are a great way of brightening up your home without the upkeep.

Pick dried flowers in yellows, oranges and reds, to suit your autumn colour palette and have those earthy tones transform any space you put them in. A great bonus is their wonderful scent. While not as sweet as fresh flowers, dried flowers have a pleasant, earthy fragrance that wafts through your entire home.

The colour palette in your home can play an important role in creating a wonderfully cosy space for you to unwind in in the coming months. 


Welcoming in the warmth 

A fireplace is always a show-stopping home feature, and firelight does wonders for changing the atmosphere of your home. A crackling fire emits a beautiful orange glow that can’t help but warm up your entire home, both in how it looks and feels.

If you don’t have a fireplace, candles are a great way of bringing that warm glow into your home, and has the added benefit of teasing your senses with lovely aromatic scents like vanilla and cinnamon. You can also pick autumn-inspired candle colours, or candles with dried flowers and leaves infused with the wax, for a beautiful homage to Autumn.

Colours play a powerful role in transforming the atmosphere of your home, and the use of an Autumn colour palette can create an earthy, beautiful, and cosy feel to your home for the coming months.

Happy decorating!


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