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Clara and Nick’s Kitchen Transformation Journey

Feb 9, 2021 | Inspiration | 0 comments

 In Conversation With @dustandbricks

AluSplash is thrilled to feature yet another kitchen transformation journey from @dustandbricks. They had a chat with us about the ideas that drove their interior decor choices and the inspiration behind the renovations. Read on to find out more about how they incorporated AluSplash into their brand new kitchen design!

Alusplash interviews kitchen designer Krishan
Alusplash interviews kitchen designer Krishan

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello! We are Clara and Nick. Clara is a school teacher, and I work as a university lecturer. We moved into our cosy 3-bedroom semi just about 18 months ago, and started our renovation journey shortly after that.

Why did you choose to renovate your kitchen?

Well the whole house was basically in a time warp! The overall design and look was completely stuck in the 1970s, and it even still had the original electrical fittings from when the house was built in the 1930s! On top of that, the house had been standing empty for about 4 years before we bought it, so the whole place definitely needed gutting and putting back together.

What inspired you to start sharing your kitchen transformation journey on social media?

The original idea behind it was that we just wanted a way to document our renovation journey, and have all our pictures in one place. We thought it would also be a cool way to share what was happening with friends and family, but we certainly never expected that thousands of other people would be so interested in this journey too!

Alusplash interviews kitchen designer Krishan

AluSplash came in a whole range of colours that we loved, it’s incredibly durable, and so easy to fit. It became the perfect choice in so many ways!

Alusplash interviews kitchen designer Krishan

What is your interior design style?

We call it “modern industrial with a splash of colour”! We use a range of colours – some warm and calming, others bold and bright. All of this is tempered with neutral tones, original features and a hint of an industrial style through the use of wooden crates and black metal.

What brands or trends inspired you when designing your home?

We like colourful trends for sure. Clara and I get that from our mums; both of them have always used plenty of colour in their homes, so colour is something we both grew up with, and always loved.

What is your favourite space in your home?

It would definitely have to be the kitchen. We opened up the space by removing the wall between the tiny old galley kitchen and the dining room. It’s perfect for guests and there is plenty of space for cooking and entertaining. The base colours are neutral greys, which allowed us to incorporate colour in creative ways. This is what allowed us to use those brightly coloured Alusplash splashback panels without it being too overwhelming.

Alusplash interviews kitchen designer Krishan, kitchen with a Petrol Blue splashback
Alusplash interviews kitchen designer Krishan

What made you choose AluSplash?

We struggled to make a decision between tiles and splashbacks – we couldn’t find colours we liked and most products aren’t particularly durable. Tiles are awkward to fit while glass splashbacks can be too fragile. AluSplash came in a whole range of colours that we loved (we chose Frosted Flora), it’s incredibly durable, and so easy to fit. It became the perfect choice in so many ways!

What are 3 instagram accounts that inspire you?

We really like @all_things_interior_ @layered.home and @thisonefloats.

Did you make any changes to your home during the lockdown period?

We made loads – mainly because it needed to be done to complete the planned renovations! We did a bathroom makeover, fitted skirting boards, decorated two bedrooms, fitted window shutters, fitted our extractor fan and fitted the kitchen AluSplash splashback panels. And honestly, there’s still loads more to do!

What item could you not live without in your home?

I would have to say… A kettle! We both love our tea.

What is next on your home interior wish list?

We want to get our flooring downstairs updated – we love our painted floorboards, but the old kitchen floor is concrete so we want matching floors!

Alusplash interviews kitchen designer Krishan

Thanks so much for talking to us, and we hope you enjoy your amazing new kitchen!
Be sure to follow @dustandbricks for more on their amazing kitchen transformation and home design journey.


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