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Interior Decor Trends: Inspired by the Humble Vegetable

Jan 27, 2023 | Trends

Interior decor trends in recent years have been known to borrow inspiration from current interests and movements. And it would certainly appear that the movement towards home-grown produce and supporting local farming communities has sprouted a brand new trend: vegetable decor! This trend is similar to Frilufstliv in Norway, a popular interior decor trend that’s all about embracing the outdoors, and often gains popularity in wintery months because of its use of cheerful fruits and vegetables!

Other more well-known floral and botanical trends have now taken a bit of a backseat in lieu of this new and exciting homage to the humble foods that grace our dinner tables. Instead of gardenias, daisies or marigolds, designers and homeowners are turning to mushrooms, artichokes, and even broccoli! Some homeowners are already quite used to cheerful vegetable decor such as lemon or orange printed wallpaper in their kitchens or sun rooms, but there are countless ways this trend is expanding to include vegetables too,– and it seems like we’re just getting started!

Vegetable decor trends yellow vegetable blings alusplash blog post

Blinds and Curtains

Vegetable decors are usually wonderfully colourful choices for interior decor, but that also means that using too much of them in a space can be a little overwhelming. One of the best ways to use them strategically is in unlikely and surprising places, such as vegetable-inspired blinds and curtains. Especially in rooms that may have a more neutral colour palette, this draws the eye and adds a much-needed pop of colour! A cartoon-style version of these prints could be used in the kids’ rooms, and might also have the added benefit of encouraging healthy eating amongst your young ones.

Instead of gardenias, daisies or marigolds, designers and homeowners are turning to vegetables such as mushrooms, artichokes, and even broccoli!

vegetable decor trend mushroom pillow in sofa

Cushions, Carpets & Throws

Cushions, carpets and throws might require a bit more thought when incorporating vegetable patterns into them because they are so often the focus of a living space, and are also naturally moved around a fair bit. They could work beautifully in a chosen space, but whether they end up looking classy or garish entirely depend on the materials used and the accompanying interior decor choices. That being said – colourful vegetable patterns set against single colour or neutral colour palettes can be incredibly unique. Some homeowners are even getting creative with mushroom-printed cushions and fabrics – entirely embracing the fungi-volution that’s sweeping through!

Vegetable decor trends pear bowls alusplash blog post

Vegetable Decorative Bowls

No, we don’t just mean bowls filled with fresh vegetables, but quite literally bowls in the shape of vegetables! These ceramic and glass cuties are crowd pleasers, from soup bowls in the shape of your favourite vegetable, to bright orange carrot-shaped serving plates – these adorable plates, bowls, and cutlery are a cheerful addition to your kitchen decor. Of course, if these aren’t quite up your alley, there are plenty of options for regular plates and bowls, with gorgeous botanical-type prints of your favourite vegetables. These can be beautiful works of art on their own, and quite often become guest favourites because of their unique look!


Vegetable decor trends vegetable paintings alusplash blog post

Paintings & Prints

If you happen to have an empty wall just off the kitchen or living area, a lovely vegetable-inspired wallpaper print could be just the thing to spruce up that space. The options for prints are endless of course, and all it takes is finding that perfect print to fall in love with. If you aren’t a fan of wallpaper, then how about some lovely vegetable decorative paintings? These are available in multiple styles, and are bound to draw the eye!

And of course, as with all interior decor, its largely about personal taste and self-expression. If your favourite vegetable in the world is the carrot, then feel free to use them everywhere (well maybe not everywhere)…But the point, is to be playful, creative, and enjoy yourself! Happy decorating, and bon appetite!


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