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Interior Decor Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

Jan 8, 2021 | Trends

What’s New In This Year’s Interior Decor?

We have entered a new year, optimistic for a better year and so we believe the best way to start the year is to throw out the old and welcome the new! Join us as we predict some of the exciting new interior trends that are getting us excited for 2021.

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Making a Comeback: Traditional & Classic Styles

In the last decade or so, it seemed that people were largely moving away from traditional and classic styles, instead gravitating towards clean and ultra-modern looks for their interior decor. However, in 2020, traditional and classical styled furniture were reportedly flying off the shelves, and experts say that this trend is set to continue in 2021.

It’s no surprise, in times of uncertainty, people look for old comforts and security in their living spaces. And one certainly can’t go wrong with sectionals and armchairs that have a comfortable look and feel. Even when it comes to dining and bedroom furniture, trends are moving towards rounded lines with simple decorative carvings and knotty wood surfaces, which makes one think of garden cottages and comfy lake house vacations with your family. This could also be reflective of the fact that many people have been moving away from urban spaces into more rural areas with stay-home measures in effect all over the world. Undoubtedly, the move towards traditional and classic designs have been a wonderful counterpoint for these uncertain times.

It’s All About The Personality, People!

The 2021 interior decor trends are showing us that people are keen to bring more of their personalities into their homes. Eclectic styles were very much in season, and people are becoming far bolder with their interior decor. So this means that if you’ve been feeling shy about breaking out that old jukebox or the Lord of the Rings collectibles, fret no more, we’re all for it! After all, with all this time spent at home, we all deserve to be surrounded by things we love. For those who are still greatly design conscious, the use of statement pieces are a great way to reflect your personality while still keeping it low-key.

Interior Trends 2021

Working 9 To 5 (Or More!)

2020 has led to the rise of the Home Office. No surprises here, with so many people working from home, we’ve all felt the need to create a conducive space just for us. 2021 decor trends are showing plenty of people looking to formally convert their spare bedrooms or empty spaces into a fully-functioning home office. The most popular style for this will likely be modern and minimal, with a mid-century modern slant. This fuss-free trend makes complete sense, because with video conferencing, we’ll be actively sharing that part of our homes with the outside world.

The Kitchen Is Getting A Makeover Too

With everybody channelling their inner Martha Stewart while staying at home, everyone is spending more time in their kitchens than ever before. With all the cooking and baking going on, outdated kitchen designs and appliances have become increasingly apparent. Homeowners are all set to jump on the latest interior trends by adding a dash of colour to their walls with bold colours, or updating their kitchen appliances.

2021 will probably still have us all at home a bit more than we’d like, but that’s exactly why making your living space just a bit more comfortable, and reflective of who you are, is trending in the coming months. Happy New Year, and happy decorating!

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