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Interior Design Trends: Arches And Curves

Mar 2, 2023 | Trends

The distinct elegance of arches and curves in interior design has made a welcome revival in recent years. The trend is taking both sectors of home architecture and home décor by storm, with more and more designers finding ways to incorporate distinct arches and curves into their designs and plans. Enthusiasts suggest that these soft flowing lines seem far more organic and reflective of nature than the sharp lines and edges we’ve become accustomed to in our living spaces. Indeed, with what seems to be a permanent shift towards more ‘natural-looking’ homes, this trend could very well be here to stay! These are our suggestions for how you can incorporate this graceful trend into your home.

arches and curves interior design trend arched wooden door and grey wall

Doorways & Entryways

Arched doorways instantly elevate a space with seemingly minimal effort. While this design suggestion certainly needs to be planned beforehand, it is well worth the effort with the way it creates soft, flowing spaces between your rooms. These doorways blur the lines between spaces, and make your home a welcoming and comforting space. There are also multiple types of arched doorways available; keyhole, round-arch, segmental (just to name a few). With all these choices, you’re bound to find something that works beautifully for your home.

The distinct elegance of arches and curves in interior design has made a welcome revival in recent years.

arches and curves interior design trend curved ceiling


Arched ceilings are quite honestly one of the most understated and yet most impactful ways of using this trend. These ceilings bring to mind ancient castles, offering your home a touch of majesty, while still remaining cosy and secure. The styles here are numerous as well; arched, cathedral, domed etc, and can even be artificially created with the use of wood panels. This trend could be used for both your living and sleeping spaces, offering a sense of cocooned comfort.

arches and curves interior design trend round window in a white living room

Arches And Curves For The Windows

Windows are an exciting addition to this trend – arched windows appear to frame the outside world the way they would a scene in a movie and can be truly lovely when used for windows that are facing a garden or some greenery. Arched windows also draw the eye upward, and are great at directing light into a room as well. Round windows are a newer addition to these styles, but these hobbit-like designs are deeply loved for their whimsical touch and can be a truly unique design choice.

arches and curves interior design trend recessed walls in a blue kitchen

Recessed Walls

Arches and curves used in recessed walls are one of the best ways to create a truly outstanding focal point in a room. This would need to be well planned during the design stage as well – but the result is often a beautiful space which can be home to some beautiful shelves, a reading nook, or just a place to hang your favourite family pictures. Curved recessed walls can be painted a bold colour as well, drawing the eye and livening up your space in an instant.

arches and curves interior design trend curved mirror in bathroom

Furniture & Fittings

When it comes to incorporating arches and curves into your home, not everything has to be a permanent fixture. If you’re just beginning to test out this trend in your home, start with curved fittings and furniture. Your sofa and lounge furniture could be curved instead of angled, and your cabinetry could be chosen for its flowing lines. Don’t be afraid of choosing that oval dresser over the regular rectangular or square! Large curved and arched mirrors also draw the eye and are a great design choice to beautify your space.

We would love to see how you’re using arches and curves in your interior design choices, so be sure to tag us @alusplash to share!


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