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It’s 2020 – Jump on the DIY trend

Mar 17, 2020 | Trends | 0 comments

There is something quite alluring about crafting something entirely by yourself. An instant feeling of gratification that you may have felt back in the day, from crafting your own things and making major decisions to install your own homeware. But, there is more to that than just a sense of satisfaction. 

What if we told you that you get to save a lot of money, deepen relationships, become more knowledgeable and the endless list continues. Now that we have piqued your interest, here is a list of the top 5 reasons as to why installing your own homeware has got to be the best option yet!

Project Management

First off, you have to manage the time it will take to finish a project and the best part – you get to choose what time you’re slogging away (even in the AM, as long as your neighbours are not affected of course)! You also get to choose only the best for the products you choose to use and consequently, how long-lasting and effective the said products will be in your home. Really, the fate of the home lies in your hands.

Saving costs – You could potentially save thousands of dollars/pounds by cutting out external man hours and installation fees. Think about that. Plus, when you’re handpicking the most cost effective and quality materials, you can be sure that no one is upselling you.

Sense of achievment

Whilst we certainly know that there is some sense of achievement and instant gratification that we mentioned earlier, there is nothing quite like walking around your own home and knowing that you were the crafter of it; that you made this happen and while you’re at it, you made sure it was a fine job well done.

Gain more insight

There’s no lying, there is going to be a lot of research till you finally get there but hey, that is not a bad thing at all! You’re going to learn about the pros and cons of each material, what is best suited for which area and just how price competitive each of them are. By the end of it all, you can call yourself a guru and no one is going to contest that. Besides, you’re going to have 100% confidence that you chose the most ideal material for each aspect of your home.

A fun process that fosters stronger bonds

Let’s say you’re fixing something up and your partner or helpful friend is there to help you out. Throughout the day, you two sweat it out together, make silly mistakes and laugh over it. When it’s all finally done, you realised that more than building the said cabinet up, you’ve also fostered stronger bonds by spending quality time crafting something together. Yes, also a gentle reminder of emotional gratification from before, but multiply that by two because there is two of you now.

Itching to jump onto your next project, aren’t you? We are too. So, grab your tools and get ready.


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