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Kilim-Inspired Designs To Revive Your Home Decor

Oct 28, 2021 | Inspiration

The Kilim trend began making waves a few years ago and has recently made its way back to the home décor scene. Kilims and Jajims are part of a rich tradition of textile weaving from parts of Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia.
A kilim is a flat-woven textile (traditionally handmade) with geometric motifs. A jajim, which is a variation of a kilim, is a fabric woven in vertical stripe patterns. Both result in colourful and patterned fabric that has a slightly raised, textured effect.

These beautiful fabrics are astonishingly versatile, and homeowners and interior decorators alike have become increasingly creative in creating Kilim-inspired décor and designs.

Hardy Tradition

It is still entirely possible to find handmade Kilim rugs today, though they may be a bit more costly, and would have to be shipped from their countries of origin. Kilim-inspired designs may not have been made using traditional methods, but their colourful geometric patterns are still a cost-effective way to add a dose of warmth and vitality to your home.

The geometric octagonal and diamond medallion designs are a throwback to ancient cultures that bring an element of history with them. The flat-weaving method for the wool also makes this fabric hardier than most. This means that they would be perfect for places with high foot-traffic, such as your living room or kitchen. They can also withstand outdoor use which makes them a welcome addition to your sun room or patio.

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Harmony and Contrast

Some key principles of home interior décor include those of ‘Harmony’ and ‘Contrast’. Incredibly, Kilim designs fit easily into both. Kilim-inspired design pieces can be made to work with the rest of the décor in your room, and complement the overall colour scheme. A harmonious room décor palette can be achieved by matching the dominant colour of a Kilim piece to other pieces in the room, in slightly differing shades. But a Kilim design can also take centre-stage, and contrast nicely with a more neutral, or pastel-coloured scheme.

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While Kilim designs were originally restricted to rugs, their bright hues and eye-catching patterns have caught the eye of decorators who are finding ways to use them all over the house. Old chairs can be reupholstered in Kilim-style designs, adding a fun pop of colour to any room. Kilim can also be used for cushion covers and throws. Smaller designs are used as tablecloths or even tea towels to hang in your kitchen.

How to fit Alusplash: Installer working on an blue AluSplash panel with a drill to make cut our for sockets


Many a dining room now play host to a large Kilim-style carpet, with some opting for neutral-coloured or even see-through tables and chairs, so that the pattern shines through.

Kilim-style rugs also add a dose of warmth to any modern kitchen, and weaves in old with the new seamlessly. Even stainless steel designs and modern art is made instantly cosier with the addition of these colourful rugs

Designers are discovering that Kilim is one of those extraordinary style pieces that fits into (arguably) any home, because there are so many ways in which they can be used. Kilim-inspired styles, with their bold and colourful patterns, can be used to anchor and enhance the décor of any room. Ultimately, the cardinal rule is to trust your gut, and have fun with it!


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