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Let’s Predict The Best And Worst Kitchen Trends for 2022

Dec 28, 2021 | Trends

It’s that time of year where we dust off our crystal ball, and take a peek into its foggy depths to try and predict some of the biggest interior décor trends of 2022. The last couple of years has seen some drastic changes in home décor, thanks largely to a pandemic that forced us to spend inordinate amounts of time within the confines of our own homes. But out of that enforced cabin fever, emerged brand new ways for homeowners to engage with their space.

 From redesigning old forgotten rooms into home offices or gyms, to the rise of indoor gardens, and fresh enthusiasm for space and movement in the home, homeowners and interior designers are certainly kicking things up a notch. And of course, one of the rooms that has gotten the lion’s share of attention is undoubtedly – the kitchen. With everyone picking up new cooking and baking hobbies, the kitchen has been lovingly remoulded in many homes these past couple of years. We predict the love affair we’ve all had with this space is far from over – so let’s take a look at the kitchen trends that are bound to shake things up next year.

Kitchen Trend Prediction for 2020

The Best Trends

Mixing Materials

The kitchen has become a place that every member of the family is now intimately familiar with. Even if Mom is still in charge of family dinners, Dad’s gotten extra creative with pancake breakfasts, the teenagers are whipping up brownies over the weekend, and even the youngest of the family knows how to make themselves a PB&J sandwich. So the style of a family kitchen now really has to suit everyone.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through materials-mixing. Thoughtful design, with a mix of both masculine and feminine influences, could be the way to go in 2022. Dark oak woods mixed with delicate lattice detailing, or a flowery wallpaper contrasted with leather seats for the kitchen island, marries the best of both worlds. It might take a bit of experimentation before you get the combination just right, but once you do, it’s entirely possible to have a kitchen design that everyone in the family absolutely adores.

Predicting kitchen trends for 2022

Cottage Style

Many people moved into their own individual spaces in the last couple of years. Moving out of your family home into your own apartment often means more independence – but it can also mean compromising on space.

Cottage-style kitchens are perfect for this because they exemplify the built-in storage, as well as cosy nooks and crannies, that help homeowners make the most of a small space.

Worst Kitchen Trend Prediction for 2020
The Worst Trends

Closed-Off Kitchens

The years-old trend of an open-concept kitchen may be coming to an end, according to some trendwatchers in the interior décor space. We’re not sure we’re here for it though. The joys of the family and hostess-style kitchens in the last few years have been primarily centered around connecting with the rest of your family, or your guests. Just because you’re busy putting some garnishes on the next round of appetizers, doesn’t mean you should be closed off from the laughter and conversation!

While it certainly stands to reason that having an element of privacy for the family bedrooms and home offices is necessary, hopefully, that flowing movement between the kitchen, living, and dining spaces, is here to stay.

We predict the love affair we’ve all had with this space is far from over – so let’s take a look at the kitchen trends that are bound to shake things up next year.

wallpaper kitchen trends for 2022

Solid Coloured Kitchens

While colour is almost always a good thing (at least in our book), solid colour kitchens still seem a bit too outdated for our tastes. With all the design and décor ideas available, it just seems like such a creative loss. Especially if you’re not into a monochrome style kitchen, there are a million options to add colour and creativity to this space.

Wallpapers are making a huge comeback, as are gorgeously designed cabinetry in simple whites or beiges. These can contrast beautifully with other materials or colours in your kitchen and can be accentuated with designer handles.

Statement hoods for kitchens

Statement hoods for kitchens

This particular trend certainly proves to be an interesting one. Built-in architectural cooking hoods are set to be brand new statement pieces for the kitchen.

The options appear to be endless, and we’re already seeing some interesting designs popping up. They certainly do take up a lot of visual space in the kitchen, and we predict that whether this trend ends up on the ‘best’ or ‘worst’ list will depend entirely on how well it works with the rest of the kitchen.

Overall, 2022 is set to be an exciting year for kitchen Interior Décor, and we can’t wait to see what takes homeowners and designers by storm!


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