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Our Guide To Upgrading Your Laundry Room

Mar 28, 2023 | Inspiration

The laundry room is one of those forgotten places in the home that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Despite being one of the most utilised spots in the house, it is often tucked away out of sight and used as a strictly functional space. In recent years, however, many homeowners have gained new interest in re-designing their laundry rooms, fully on-board with the idea that even a space strictly built to work in, can still be beautiful! Read on for some of our favourite ideas to upgrade your laundry room.

Laundry room upgrade easy storage

For Everything a Place

Planning ahead really is key when it comes to upgrading any space, even a smaller space like your laundry room! Sketch out how you would like to use the space, and think of a specific spot for everything: storage, soaps, the sink, and folding station just to name a few. You can opt for built-ins, but if not – a quick trip to your local hardware store will help you find some simple shelving and storage solutions for anything you might need!

Many homeowners have gained new interest in re-designing their laundry rooms, believing that even a space built to work in can still be beautiful!

Laundry room upgrade pet-friendly mud room

One-stop Room

Upgrading this space is a great opportunity to create a one-stop shop when it comes to all things laundry. Historically, many homeowners only used the laundry room as a place to tuck away their washers and dryers, and nothing else. But the laundry room is best utilised as a multi-functional space. Create a cute little folding station right above your washer and dryer by measuring out and drilling in a simple wooden plank just above waist level, putting it at the perfect height for folding your laundry without straining your back! Decorate with sweet flower pots or some ceramic knick-knacks as well. If you wish to use the room for ironing too, keep it from getting too messy by ensuring that you’ve installed enough hooks and rods to hang your clothes. You could even hang your iron board on a hook behind the door, keeping it well out of sight for when guests come by for a tour of the house.

Laundry room upgrade optimize storage

Optimize the Storage of your Laundry Room

Optimizing your storage really is key to upgrading the design of your laundry room. Use up all the vertical space from ceiling to floor by installing shelving or cabinets. If you’re looking for a clean modern design, you could even try open shelves, where everything would be on display. If you do choose to go that route however, it might be wise to transfer all your powders and liquids to reusable glass containers – so that your products last longer, and your laundry room keeps its aesthetic feel as well. Weave or wire baskets are great options, and if you’re able to make them stackable, as well as the same colour and size, it automatically creates a lovely uniform look for your laundry room. There are also lightweight hanging racks available that can be folded up and will take up a lot less room!

Laundry room upgrade bigger isn't better

Bigger Really is Better

While optimizing space is key in most things – the same can’t be said for the laundry room sink. Bigger really is better here, and the bonus of a large sink can’t be overstated. Apart from the sheer practicality of it, a large sink offers ample opportunity for gorgeous fixtures, and little touches like flowers and sweet soap dishes to decorate your space

Laundry room upgrade alusplash backsplash

Beautify Your Space

After all the major installations are done in your laundry room, it’s time to beautify your space. Switch out your hanging racks, taps and cabinet pulls for fixtures that are gold and gilded for a touch of luxury. If you’re a fan of patterns and colour, swathe a wall in bright and cheerful wallpaper, or fun patterned curtains for your windows that will immediately add some vibrancy to your space. You could also use splashback for your folding area, choosing a bright colour to act as a focal point for the room. The Alusplash splashback collections are easy to install, and have plenty of options to choose from.

Despite being one of the most functional spaces in the home, laundry rooms are a great option for an upgrade and for testing out some creative boundaries in your home! If this has inspired you, free to share your design ideas with us on Pinterest @alusplash.


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