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New Year, New Look! Small Interior Décor Changes For A Big Impact

Jan 3, 2023 | Inspiration

With 2023 just starting, it’s very much human nature to be ticking off all the things we might want to do differently in the new year. And somewhere in that long list invariably lies all the changes we’d like to make to our living spaces. While most of us might be in too much of a celebratory mood for any big transformations, there are plenty of small interior décor changes you can indulge in, that will make you feel as if you moved into a brand new space for the new year! These changes are simple, often DIY-friendly to boot. This is our new year guide to small changes, for a big impact!

small interior decor change rug and cushion

Rugs, Cushions and Throws

Getting new cushions and throws can be some of the most cost-effective ways to update your living or dining areas. A round of fresh new colours and patterns instantly makes it seem like you just splurged on a brand-new living room set. And while good quality rugs can often cost a little more, both the look and texture of a well-made rug will be completely worth the investment. If your living room already has more neutral colours, rugs, cushions and throws in bright patterns can bring in a wave of new energy.

This is our new year guide to small interior décor changes, for a big impact!

small interior décor change design light switch gold finish

Switch up your Switch Plates

Changing the look of something you use every day can often make an immense difference. A great small interior décor change idea is to switch plates often come in white or other more neutral colours, but they present a great opportunity to add a touch of vibrancy to a space. Ceramic switch plate covers are all the rage now, and come in a variety of colours and options. But it’s also far more cost-effective (and fun!) to wallpaper your own switch plates for the new year!


small interior décor change wallpaper in bookshelves

Wallpaper Season

If you have any spare wallpaper lying around, you could also line the back of your bookshelves and drawers with them. This small interior décor change will immediately give your space an updated look. Be sure to use wallpaper that is either neutral or densely patterned though, so that it doesn’t distract from what you actually choose to display on your shelves!

small interior décor change reupholster chairs

Reupholster (but make it easy)

Upholstery can be a time-consuming and detailed process. But if you have a bit of extra time and fabric, then you can easily do a makeover for your dining room chairs. This is especially great for when the cushions are still in great shape, but your covers may be looking a little worse for wear. Just remove the old fabric and staple over the new fabric for a tasteful and subtle change in your home décor.

small interior décor change gold faucet

Change your Faucets

Faucets are an easy way of making a big impact with a small interior décor change. In your kitchen especially, don’t be afraid to go bigger and bolder with your faucets. Burnished gold or dramatic black can be great choices, especially if you have hints of these colours already accented elsewhere. Whether you’re changing faucets in your bathrooms or the kitchen, just be sure that all the faucets in the same space have a similar ‘look’ so that the space remains cohesive and flowing.

We hope our guide has inspired some new décor ideas for 2023, and remember – small interior décor changes can make a big impact too!


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