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Spring Décor To Boost Your Mood At Home

Apr 18, 2023 | Inspiration

There is just something about spring that encourages us to indulge in a riotous amount of colour, whether that’s in our homes, our offices, or even in our wardrobe! Perhaps it’s the wildflowers blooming everywhere, or the gentle warming of the air – but when spring comes, it seems the world is painted in a palette that most artists would envy. To incorporate that wonderful use of colour at home, (and get some mood-boosting endorphins going as well) we’ve gathered some of our favourite ideas to bring spring colours into your home!

Spring colour pastel colours hanging above a with table spring décor

Traditional Spring Colours

Spring, as we know, is a time of rejuvenation and rebirth, and traditional spring colours are often characterised by delicate pastels. These are often softer and more saturated than bright primary colours – making them the perfect choice of palette to gently ease your home. Gorgeous shades of blush pink, misty lavender and light blue are wonderful choices for your living and shared spaces. Especially since they’re known to encourage a calm and cheerful environment!

When spring comes, it seems the world is painted in a palette that most artists would envy!

Spring colours and décoration clear living room with touch of yellow and blue colours spring décor

Neutral White (but not really)

White has been known to have a positive effect on moods and encourages a peaceful atmosphere (as the Scandinavians have been telling us for ages). But this neutral shade also happens to be the perfect backdrop to combine with pops of spring-inspired colour! Combine your favourite spring colours against a backdrop of white, and watch the colours spring to life without them overpowering your space. Combine coloured paint patterns on white walls, or use artful and colourful spring décor to spruce up your home.

Spring colours and décoration book knick-knack and garden flowers in a white pot Spring décor

Books and knick-knacks

If you’re a book lover, or just a lover of small art pieces and knick-knacks, welcome to one of the best sources of colour in your home. Books as part of art décor have become increasingly common, as many book lovers soon realised that their precious collections added to their interiors. Colour code the books if you like, or you could add to the riotous palette by adding small and vibrant pieces of art, or tumbling green plants to your shelves to add to the feel of spring in movement. And with those books and beautiful plants in plain sight, they just might encourage people at home to slow down, grab a book, and snuggle into an armchair for a bit of quiet reading for the soul!

Spring colours and décoration bedroom with wooden bed and chinoiserie pink wallpaper spring décor

Wallpaper Wonder

Wallpaper is such a wonderful way of remaking your home every season with minimal effort. The options for spring décor are endless – from bright and cheerful jungle flowers splashed across your living room wall, subtle cherry blossoms in the study, bright yellow lemons peppered across your kitchen walls, or a dark watercolour forest for your bedroom – there really is something for everyone and for every mood! Choose wallpapers that go with your interior décor as well, opting for more subtle options if your décor already has more colour, or vice versa!

Spring colours and décors big flower adornment with a round mirror above the fireplace spring décor

Flowering Spring Décors

What is spring without her adornment of flowers? Flowers make some of the best spring décor pieces for your home – with the only drawback being that they quite simply don’t last as long as your other décor pieces. Still, if you have the patience to buy and arrange fresh flowers on the regular – they are a beautiful and natural way to bring the spring colours into your home. Flowers and flowering plants are also known mood-boosters, and quite often have all the effects of a walk in nature, right at home! Otherwise, using preserved or dried flowers are also a great way to have flowers at home, without the hassle.

Spring is a wonderful opportunity to bring mood-enhancing colours into your home, and we’d love to see your take on this seasonal décor trend! Tag @alusplash and share your favourite home décor pictures with us!


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