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Spring Home Décor Trends in 2022

Mar 2, 2022 | Trends

Spring is just around the corner, and all of us are looking forward to more time outdoors, and the sheer joy that comes with sunnier days. So, it absolutely makes sense that this collective longing for warmer months has created home and interior décor trends that are blending our personal spaces with the outdoors.

From dreamy indoor gardens to open and nature-inspired spaces, the spring trends for 2022 have something for just about everyone.

2022 Spring Home Décor Trends with plant walls

Dream Indoor Gardens

With the long hours spent at home during the pandemic, a deep love of gardening blossomed for many. When asked what home project they would invest in if money was no object, 32% of respondents in Money.co.uk’s ‘Renovation Nation Report’ said they would love to have a garden summer house. Of course, money is still a bit of an object for most of us, so in a lovely act of compromise, indoor gardens have begun to trend.

The ‘Living Plant Wall’ has been a crowd favourite, with plenty of DIY videos available online. This beautiful wall of greenery livens up any space (quite literally) and has the bonus of being a stunning feature in your home. Other options include converting windowsills to mini gardens or creating little potted outdoor areas in the patio or home entryway.

From dreamy indoor gardens to open and nature-inspired spaces, the spring trends for 2022 have something for just about everyone.

2022 Spring Home Décor Trends with Biophillic Design

Biophilic Designs

Biophilic Designs are becoming more common in home renovations as well. Defined as a type of home design that emphasizes human adaption to the natural world, it is all about home design that works with outdoor and natural spaces. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you have easy access to nature, it can be as simple as designing your home to let in plenty of natural light and visual greenery.

Floor-to-ceiling windows in certain rooms (like the study, gym, or living room) would work beautifully. If you live in the city, it might be a little more difficult to adapt to nature’s ways, but not impossible.

Something as simple as growing flowering creeper plants on your balcony’s railings, or using plenty of natural fibres in your throws, rugs, and cushion covers, draws nature in, in sweet and subtle ways.

Open plan kitchens featured in 2022 Spring Home Décor Trends

Open and Organised

Open-plan living has been very much trending in the last couple of years, especially with shared spaces like the living, dining, and kitchen areas. But with spring comes that specific drive to clean and tidy. Beyond the dusting and wiping, 2022 trends are pointing towards more open and organized homes.

The idea of ‘less is more’ is key here, with many opting for clean open spaces that display their treasured items in deeply intentional ways. Floating shelves, convertible tables, and multi-purpose spaces are going to be high on the list of must-haves for many homeowners this year.

2022 Spring Home Décor Trends with curved designs in your kitchen

Embracing Those Curves

Symptomatic of a worldwide movement towards comfort and cocooning in the home, interiors are getting a makeover that embraces rounded curves and smooth edges. From sofas and dining chairs to picture frames and mirrors, rounded edges are becoming more popular with homeowners.

The trend indicates a softening of architectural and design preferences that now embrace a more natural feel to the home. Curves do seem to have a certain empathy in nature; indeed, straight lines and hard edges aren’t really nature’s way!

pastel kitchens featured in 2022 Spring Home Décor Trends

Flowers, Pastels & Prints

As happens every time spring rolls around, flowers, pastels and prints abound. There’s very little that makes you feel like spring is here more than decorating your home with fresh flowers (or faux flowers, if you feel a little sad every time they wither). Apart from the cheerful splash of colour they provide, they also freshen up your space with their sweet scents. Pastel coloured cushions, curtains, and rugs also bring in new energy, as do fun wallpaper and textile prints.

This is the perfect time to play with new patterns and colours, so go a little crazy, and be inspired by where your mood takes you!

Spring always feels a little like new beginnings, and this season will undoubtedly have plenty of gorgeous, and nature-inspired décor trends to lift our spirits.



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