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The 2023 Guide To The Latest Colour Trend To Spruce Up Your Home!

Oct 28, 2022 | Trends

Year after year, interior designers and homeowners alike wait with bated breath for the latest colour trends of the coming year, and the verdict is finally in for 2023! The paint and design experts at Dulux who often greatly influence this yearly movement have finally chosen their 2023 crowning glory: Wild Wonder.

In order to select this colour, these experts conduct rigorous research, taking into account shifting styles, moods, and needs of those who both live in and design our spaces. With the natural world right at the top of the global agenda, a colour that encapsulated and celebrated that natural world was in order. Wild Wonder is described by Dulux as ‘a glowing, natural tone that offers us a connection with nature, and that brings a sense of natural magic into our homes’. Part of the wild appeal of this shade is how well it blends and harmonizes with other colours as well. Here is our 2023 guide to using Wild Wonder, and a whole range of its accompanying palettes, to breathe new life into your home.

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Lush Colours

The Lush palette consists of a lovely mix of greens, soft purples and browns. The range brings to mind lush foliage and evergreen forests that weave themselves into the spaces we live and work in. Lush is the perfect colour trend for those who are plant lovers, and also enjoy plenty of light and warmth in their homes. These colours work well in spaces that are designed to be soothing, like the home office or in bedrooms, and of course, work beautifully when contrasted against Wild Wonder.

A glowing, natural tone that offers us a connection with nature, and that brings a sense of natural magic into our homes.

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Buzz Colours

The Buzz palette range is aptly named, with the use of more passionate shades of oranges, yellows and pinks, this range is the most energetic of the lot. However, this colour trend range still remains on the safer side of the spectrum, without going too far into shades of bright yellows or deep reds, ensuring that it can still beautifully accent the use of Wild Wonder. Great for high-energy spaces like the kitchen, or kids’ playrooms – there are multiple ways to make the most of this palette. If you’re not comfortable painting an entire wall a vibrant hue, then you can even use these colours in strips or patterns!

Alusplash blog colour trends Raw

Raw Colours

The Raw range is the most endearingly natural of the colour trends. These soft beiges and browns are soothing and warm in their own right, and even more so when coupled with Dulux’s colour of the year. Use these colours in a nursery, yoga room, or even for the outdoor patio, and watch the outside blend beautifully with the inside.


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Flow Colours

Flow colours are a lovely homage to our seas, oceans, rivers and lakes. This colour trend speaks to the softness and flow of waterways and is quite honestly the most adaptable of the palettes. Use these blue shades in your living room, entryway, kitchen, or wherever you like, really. These colours work better when they are the main focus, and allow Wild Wonder to be a sweet accent in the rest of the space.

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As with most things, adaptation is key when it comes to following colour trends for the coming year. Paint colours can be a very personal choice, and often reflect the personality of the homeowners. The modern home appears to be moving in the unerring direction of natural and soothing spaces, which is truly key since the colours we surround ourselves with can often influence our moods and emotions. Wild Wonder, with its accompanying palettes, is paving the way for our continued homage to nature, and softer, calmer days to come.


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