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The Customer Journey of Home Renovation

Jun 29, 2020 | How To | 3 comments

Whether you’re moving into a brand-new house or trying to breathe life back into the cosy space you’ve called yours for years, starting a home renovation project can be both, an exciting, and fairly daunting prospect. With the right amount of planning, however, the journey to creating your perfect home can be made effortless.

The Customer Journey for Kitchen Renovation, kitchen shelves AluSplash Blog


The first step in your customer journey is research. Depending on the space you’re renovating, be sure to look into the various layout options available to you. Exposing yourself to a variety of home renovation ideas in your favourite blogs or interior design magazines can often help you decide on the look you want. Once you’ve discovered your overall theme or idea, decide what special features or equipment you would be interested in installing. Each space in your home can be tweaked to bring functionality and style to life. If you were renovating your kitchen, some of the key decisions to be made include deciding what special features or equipment you might be interested in. Kitchen splashbacks for example, can be a great way to add some colour and vitality to your kitchen with minimal hassle.


The second major step in your home renovation project is undoubtedly: planning. Deciding on a budget for the renovation of your space is crucial and can help mitigate overspending or missteps later. Once that is decided, visit online stores to see which brands carry materials and appliances that fit in with your budget. Using some of the materials you see online, you can plan the layout of your space, and finalise the design and theme. You could easily find pictures, cost and descriptions of coloured splashbacks, countertops or any number of appliances online to help with your planning. Once you’ve found your ideal appliances and materials, you can even check stock availability online to coincide with your timeline.

The Customer Journey for Kitchen Renovation, Rustic meet modern kitchen moodboard
The Customer Journey for Kitchen Renovation, kitchen shelves AluSplash Blog


This is one of the most fun step in the customer home renovation journey, and it is where your research and planning meet the fruit of creativity. If you have minimal experience with designing your own home, it is recommended to consult with a designer or experienced installer to help make your vision come to life. They can help you create an interior design mood board, which will ultimately marry your colour scheme, theme, and various appliances and installations to create a more holistic living space.

The Customer Journey for Kitchen Renovation, AluSplash Installation, cutting socket cut outs


The actual installation can always be a bit messy, but when done right, the finished product is well worth the hassle! The first thing to do is to start with site markings of your space. In a home renovation, especially the kitchen,  you would begin with all plumbing and electrical works before finishing up all wet works and ceiling works. This would be followed by taking the last additional measurements for carpentry, followed by the installations of your countertop and kitchen splashbacks. For Alusplash Kitchen Splashbacks, there are additional videos and guidelines available to make the final touches on your space absolutely perfect.

Finding an Installer

It is essential to find an experienced installer who lives in your area, who can do the actual handiwork of bringing your space to life. They should have a good track record, and more importantly, have a keen understanding of your wants and needs. The installer would need to make a site visit in order to inspect the area and take measurements as accurately as possible. Once they’ve completed the site visit, they will be able to offer you a quotation, which ideally, should fit within your budget. If costs begin to exceed your original budget, it would be a good idea to look into cheaper quality materials for your space. New, innovative products can often offer you the same style and functionality as more traditional items, at a fraction of the price.

The Customer Journey for Kitchen Renovation, white AluSplash splashback

The Big Reveal

After all the time, effort and money spent on your project, it’s finally time for the big reveal! Throw a big party and invite all of your family and friends over to show off the finished product, we wouldn’t blame you! Or simply, take a moment for yourself – sit back, have a cup of coffee, a bit of chocolate cake, and enjoy your brand-new space!


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