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The Emersons’ Kitchen Design Journey

Sep 24, 2020 | Inspiration | 0 comments

Let’s take a look at Mr. and Mrs. Emerson’s extraordinary kitchen design journey as they began renovations on their new home.

The previous owner’s design was drab and old-fashioned, incorporating a lot of wood and plain white counters. While a popular design years ago, the Emersons were looking for something far sleeker and sharper for their new home.

Deciding that they would not let themselves be limited by the current layout, they opted for a more sociable living space, even knocking down walls to achieve their ideal open kitchen layout.

They opted for a more sociable living space, even knocking down walls to achieve their ideal open kitchen layout.

A Modern and Sleek Kitchen

They worked with Essex-based studio partner Regal Kitchens to bring their vision to life. With an area of over 40sqm to play around with, ideas abound about how best to create their dream kitchen and living space.

The couple wanted a hidden utility space that could be functional when in use but would also be able to blend seamlessly in with the rest of the kitchen when their appliances were put away.

Heeding their request, the designers created a modern, simple, and sleek kitchen aesthetic using lots of natural light, and minimalistic designs for their appliances.


A beautiful quartz countertop added a touch of class and style to the design, held together by the dark surfaces of its cabinets, which were as functional as they were stylish, hiding an integrated dishwasher, sink, bins, and additional storage. The eye-catching countertop was a great contrast to the Alusplash backsplash panels in a Warm Grey finish.

Open Space

The Emersons also wished for a social area, an open space that allowed them to host small parties where friends and family could mingle in relative comfort without bumping into bulky items. By keeping the lines of the kitchen simple and sleek, the space was designed to work effortlessly around the couple’s lifestyle.


A brilliant accompaniment to this minimalist look was the use of the Alusplash backsplash panels. They were the perfect backdrop for the kitchen walls, adding a dash of glamour and style with a high-gloss finish.

Alusplash’s unique aluminium-based backsplash was the ideal cost-effective and stylish alternative to glass, acrylic, and tiles. The backsplash panels are not only quick and easy-to-clean, but incredibly durable. And beyond that, these coloured high-quality backsplashes are also eco-friendly! It is certainly no wonder that the Emersons chose the Alusplash panels for their kitchen, an option that will keep their kitchen looking modern and new for years to come.


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