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The Four Elements Have Inspired AluSplash’s New Matt Collection

Sep 5, 2020 | Inspiration | 3 comments

The Four Elements, Earth, Air, Water & Fire are the basic constituents of all matter. Concept is one of the most important and primary components during any design process.

The calming properties of natural elements can help us to concentrate, and even boost our creativity. These qualities are useful when we’re working in the kitchen. Therefore, we decided to make a conscious effort to incorporate continuity between a kitchen interior and the outdoors.

For our Elements Collection, we were inspired to bring the beauty and brilliance of Icelandic life right to your doorstep, the architecture, landscapes, and style, allowed us to draw inspiration and create a colour palette which will suit your next design project.


There is usually a calm stillness to water, radiating a beautiful calmness to its surroundings, peaceful and serene that you forget, everything.
Our Midnight Moon splashback is the perfect embodiment of a serene, mountainous atmosphere, and contrasts perfectly with dramatic, dark tones. Iceland has no shortage of breath taking waterfalls, lagoons and harbours. The cold water wonders, inspire a collection of cool blue tones reminiscent of the hues found in our collection.


Kitchen sink, wooden countertop and a matte coloured splashback with a jar and flowers


Autumn Leaves was inspired by the rusty hues of crisp textured leaves that fall gently onto the ground on a cool Autumn morning. This colour is for the daring few, who want to bring a feeling of warmth and boldness to their interior space. It compliments both white and dark cabinets really well, by bringing a splash of colour to your home. 

The shades within this collection will bring a sense of drama and style to your interior space, and would look great when combined with light or warm tones for cabinets and work surfaces.


There is something magical about the air in Iceland,  enabling one to feel re-energised and with a new perspective to existence.

The AluSplash Iceberg White interior wall panel is tranquil and still. Bringing a sense of light into any interior space, this shade will provide a perfect backdrop to build your chosen colour scheme.

Combining naturally inspired colours is a failsafe way to create a fabulous colour scheme that feels calming rather than overpowering. Soothing neutrals, are the perfect embodiment of stillness.


Deep and mysterious perfectly describes this shade of green, which was inspired by the mossy textured rock surfaces found in Nordic forests. One of our more dramatic colours in the Elements collection, Forest Green contrasts well with light grey or white cabinets with oak surfaces.
Inspired by Iceland’s landscape is a mix of mossy greens, lava rock and watery blues. Lightly hued greens whilst maintaining a neutral colour palette is a great way to bring the outdoors in.

Image sources: inthewhiteroom.com


  1. Stefania Croci

    I love the green, so modern!

  2. Hennie

    Is there an Video available for Elements? Explaining the story behind?

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